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Books by Rex Gilroy. Recommended reading on Yowie Research

Just finished making my way through three epic reads by one of my fav Australasian cryptozoologists, the original ‘grandfather of Yowie research’, Rex Gilroy. Fascinating info for anyone into the … Continue reading


Haunted Toys

Thought I’d introduce you to my ‘haunted’ family of toys that I’ve been collecting through the years. The porcelain doll (her name is Maryanne), was given to me about 10 … Continue reading

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St James Theatre, Auckland – Exploratory Session One

The Haunted Auckland team is privileged to have been granted rare access to the St James and Regent Theatres, now under renovations and major construction, to document the location in its … Continue reading



Ok, you asked for it! You’ve done the ghost hunts…worn the t-shirt, and followed our whacky adventures on the interwebs. Now you can add Haunted Auckland to your own personal … Continue reading


St. Anthony’s Convent – Huntly, Waikato

Many of you would’ve driven past this old building and, like myself wondered about its history. What is it like inside? What was it used for? Is it still used … Continue reading


UFO sighting has Wellington in a spin

A Wellington man is in awe after spotting an extra-terrestrial object in the sky over Lyall Bay this morning. Alex Greig said he often visited Lyall Bay Beach along Wellington’s … Continue reading


Maori War & Early Settlers Cemetery – Rangiriri, Waikato

Rangiriri is a small town on State Highway 1, 17 km north of Huntly in Waikato. Here, on 20 November 1863, British troops and Waikato Māori sustained more casualties than … Continue reading


Claims ‘witch doctors’ issue widespread

          By Patrice Dougan, Alicia Burrow So-called Hindu ‘witch doctors’ have some in the Auckland Indian community living in fear of black magic curses, with claims … Continue reading


Abandoned House – Huntly

On a short Sunday morning road trip back from filming the previous day in Hamilton, I decided to pop in and see if I could get permission to enter and … Continue reading


Hunting for clues in Hamilton’s haunted places

        Hamilton man Josh Carroll is sceptical of haunted places. It’s strange because he is a paranormal investigator. He detests the term ghost hunter – “It’s appalling. … Continue reading


Jubilee Pavilion Shadow Person, Marton

This one I heard about on a trip down to Marton, near Whanganui on the west coast of the North Island. The Jubilee Pavilion is situated in the historically recognised … Continue reading


Loch Ness monster hunter concludes: it’s a big catfish

  After nearly a quarter century camping out by the banks of Scotland’s Loch Ness hoping to glimpse “Nessie”, the most dedicated hunter of the legendary monster has given up, … Continue reading

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