Quarantine Station, Manly – Australia

The complex operated as a quarantine station from 14 August 1832 to 29 February 1984. The idea behind it was that anyone arriving in the colony (as it then was) who might have an infectious disease would be kept in quarantine until it was considered safe to release them. The...

Noises in the house

About four months ago (start of 2015) I heard weird noises in my family house. Our house was two-storey and had been built about 30 years ago. I had also remembered that my Nan had passed away in the house about 7 years ago and I was told by a...

Birkenhead/Glenfield Cemetery – Auckland

The Birkenhead/Glenfield Cemetery is one of Auckland’s oldest cemeteries, with graves dating back to the 1880’s. Closed for several years, it has been the focus of many attempts by the local community to restore some of the older headstones which have succumbed to time or vandalism over the years.

Halcombe Cemetery, Manawatu

HALCOMBE – Township on the Rangitikei Plans, 16km south east of Marton and 13km north west of Feilding. The land here was brought up in 1871 as part of the 40,500 ha ‘Manchester Block’ by the Hon Lieutenant Colonel William Fielding, chief representative of the special English Settlement scheme promoted...

Ohingaiti Cemetery – Manawatu

Ohingaiti – Locality 55 km north-east of Bulls, the centre of Ngāti Hauiti until the mid-1800s. Dense bush and difficult terrain slowed construction of the main trunk line, which was 7 km away in 1892 but only reached Ōhingaiti when the Makōhine viaduct was completed in 1902. The settlement flourished...

Paranormal Investigations

Reports on locations visited, researched or investigated by Haunted Auckland. Here you will find photographs, audio, video, and the histories and stories behind the locations we visit, with opinions and quotes from team members giving their impressions of the events during each of our paranormal investigations.

NZ UFO Sightings

Paranormal NZ is compiling stories and accounts of New Zealand UFO sightings, both recent and historical. If you have seen a UFO or experienced what you believe is alien phenomena, please contact us. Keep watching the skies!

Kiwi Cryptids

Articles and research written exclusively by the Paranormal NZ team and our international researchers covering strange and out-of-place creatures reported to be dwelling in the forests, lakes and seas of New Zealand.

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