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Centennial Street, Auckland Museum. Final week before closing down after 48 years.

Auckland Museum is closing the doors on an exhibition that’s been running for almost five decades, to make way for a new World War I display. The Auckland 1866 gallery … Continue reading


A Different Kind of Normal- by Kathy McBride / Ghost Hunting Made Simple – by Jeanette Kamper

A couple of recently recieved books I’ve just finished reading on the paranormal investigation topic….Firstly, the locally written; A Different Kind of Normal, by Kathy McBride. Kathy is a psychic … Continue reading


Regent Theatre, Auckland – Two research sessions

The team gained access for two research sessions within the long abandoned, dark and powerless, Regent Theatre and Auckland City central, to follow up on our recent exploratory session, with more indepth exploration, documentation and a … Continue reading


St James Theatre, Auckland – Return visit

The team gained a second session within the mighty St James Theatre, to follow up on our recent exploratory session, with more indepth investigation, further exploration and documentation and a … Continue reading

frematle prison

Fremantle Prison – Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle Prison, sometimes referred to as Fremantle Gaol or Fremantle Jail, is a former Australian prison in Fremantle, Western Australia. The six-hectare (15-acre) site includes the prison cellblocks, gatehouse, perimeter … Continue reading


Haunted Auckland book – Voices in the walls

Do ghosts exist? What was I thinking, beginning a book with probably the most asked question ever (alongside, “why are we here?” and “what does it all mean?”)? Rational thinking … Continue reading


Books by Rex Gilroy. Recommended reading on Yowie Research

Just finished making my way through three epic reads by one of my fav Australasian cryptozoologists, the original ‘grandfather of Yowie research’, Rex Gilroy. Fascinating info for anyone into the … Continue reading


Haunted Toys

Thought I’d introduce you to my ‘haunted’ family of toys that I’ve been collecting through the years. The porcelain doll (her name is Maryanne), was given to me about 10 … Continue reading

DSC06133 - Copy

St James Theatre, Auckland – Exploratory Session One

The Haunted Auckland team is privileged to have been granted rare access to the St James and Regent Theatres, now under renovations and major construction, to document the location in its … Continue reading



Ok, you asked for it! You’ve done the ghost hunts…worn the t-shirt, and followed our whacky adventures on the interwebs. Now you can add Haunted Auckland to your own personal … Continue reading


St. Anthony’s Convent – Huntly, Waikato

Many of you would’ve driven past this old building and, like myself wondered about its history. What is it like inside? What was it used for? Is it still used … Continue reading

Paranormal New Zealand is the home of Haunted Auckland, a Paranormal Investigation and Research group.

We are a dedicated group of paranormal enthusiasts, all having one thing in common; a passion and drive to find out as much as humanly possible about the mysterious and unknown field that is the Paranormal, as well as documenting New Zealand’s historical buildings and landmarks in their current state.

Through the years the team have investigated the Civic Theatre, North Head, The Town Hall, St James theatre, Victoria Theatre in Devonport, The Howick Historical Village, The Smith & Caugheys building, Lopdell House, Inverlochy House (Wellington) , The Pumphouse Theatre, Theatreworks, The Bluestone Room, Fort Takapuna, Massey Homestead, The Hard To Find Bookshop, Spookers, Carrington (Unitech),The Queens Ferry Tavern, Regent Theatre, Ewelme Cottage in Parnell, old Waipukurau Hospital, Mokena Hotel, Puhoi Centennial Hall, Napier Prison, Kingseat Hospital, Palace Hotel, Grand Tavern – Te Aroha, Tavistock Hotel, Laishly House and Blockhouse in Onehunga, The Masonic Hotel in Napier and the Waitomo Caves Hotel, as well as many private home visits around Auckland and surrounding towns.


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