New Zealand Globster

The New Zealand Globster was a large unidentified carcass that washed ashore at Muriwai, on the west coast of North Island, New Zealand, in 1968. It was 30 ft (9.1 m) long and 8 ft (2.4 m) high. J. E. Morton, chairman of the Zoology Department at the University of...


The Yara-ma-yha-who is a creature from Australian Aboriginal folklore. This creature resembles a little red man with a very big head and large mouth with no teeth. On the ends of its hands and feet are suckers. It lives in fig trees and does not hunt for food, but waits...


The Gunni is a wombat-like cryptid with antlers, purportedly formerly found near Marysville, Victoria, Australia. A stuffed one was on display in the Marysville Visitors’ Information Centre, along with other local wildlife including a Lyrebird and Leadbeater’s possum, prior to the February 2009 Victorian bushfires which destroyed the centre. Reportedly,...

Gippsland phantom cat

The Gippsland Big Cat is a cryptid. Although feral cats are present in Victoria as in the rest of Australia and there have been hundreds of reported sightings, yet no proof of the existence of big cats has even been established. Dr John Henry, a researcher from Deakin University, studied...


The Burrunjor is an Australian dinosaur cryptid that resembles the theropod dinosaur T. rex, or maybe a neovenatorid allosaur like Australovenator, Megaraptor, or Rapator. The Burrunjor is described as being a giant lizard according to aboriginal mythology. Based on sightings it is 25 feet long and has small clawed hands and...

Paranormal Investigations

Reports on locations visited, researched or investigated by Haunted Auckland. Here you will find photographs, audio, video, and the histories and stories behind the locations we visit, with opinions and quotes from team members giving their impressions of the events during each of our paranormal investigations.

NZ UFO Sightings

Paranormal NZ is compiling stories and accounts of New Zealand UFO sightings, both recent and historical. If you have seen a UFO or experienced what you believe is alien phenomena, please contact us. Keep watching the skies!

Kiwi Cryptids

Articles and research written exclusively by the Paranormal NZ team and our international researchers covering strange and out-of-place creatures reported to dwelling in the forests, lakes and seas of New Zealand.

Paranormal NZ is the home of Haunted Auckland, a Paranormal Investigation and Research group based in Auckland, New Zealand.


We are a dedicated group of paranormal enthusiasts, sometimes known as "ghost hunters", some with many years of experience, some with very little, but all having one thing in common; a passion and drive to find out as much as humanly possible about the mysterious and unknown field that is the Paranormal. Many experiences and incidents thought to be paranormal can soon be systematically debunked as natural occurrences.


From ghosts to cryptids, UFOs to urban legends, we cover the full variety of unexplained activity and phenomena. We also have a deep interest in local history, and aim to document historic buildings, cemeteries and other locations which can often be overlooked in this fast-paced era.


It is believed that 90% of alleged paranormal activity can be explained as misidentification, unusual atmospheric or natural phenomenon, tricks of the light and photographic glitches. Some cases defy all scientific explanation and it is the remaining 10% which we are interested in.


Our team incorporates a wide range of skills, qualifications and levels of expertise:


  • · Data Analyst
  • · Early Childhood Specialists
  • · Education Professionals
  • · Event & Music Production and Promoter
  • · Genealogy and Meteorology enthusiasts
  • · Historical Researchers
  • · Information Technology specialists
  • · Interactive Design specialist
  • · Mental Health professional
  • · Photography, Video and Audio production professionals
  • · Physics, Chemistry & Biology graduates
  • · Registered Nurse
  • · Wiccan initiate


Plus a combined total of over 100 years of paranormal field experience!


We offer free assistance and support to people who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity - or activity that they simply can’t explain - in their home or business.


We do not charge anything for our services, as we are in this purely to further our own research. Any opportunities to investigate, experience and hopefully gain more knowledge about this unknown science will be greatly welcomed.