Kingseat Morgue [Photos]

The notorious Morgue at Kingseat Hospital has long captured the imagination of those who know about the location. We visit the Kingseat Morgue to photographically document the building in its current state. Continue reading

Public Ghost Hunts – February 2015

KINGSEAT: MAXIMUM SECURITY BUILDINGS PUBLIC INVESTIGATION Feb 21st – 8pm till Midnight. A night of Paranormal Investigation with New Zealand’s most active and recognised Paranormal research team. Here is your chance to join Haunted Auckland as a Paranormal Investigator for a night of frights, learning and fun in this fascinating...

The Soldiers of Selwyn Street

When I was about six, our family lived in Christchurch in an old rented three bedroom house on Selwyn Street in Spreydon. Sometimes I would wake up and there was a war on my bed with little people dressed like the King, soldiers, horses and canons, other times a tall...

O’ahu Cemetery, Hawaii

The O’ahu Cemetery is the resting place of many notable early residents of the Honolulu area. They range from missionaries and politicians to sports pioneers and philosophers. Over time it was expanded to become an area known as the Nuʻuanu Cemetery. It was the first public cemetery in Honolulu, founded...

You Suspect Your Home is Haunted? Should You Investigate Your Home?

Every morning, like clockwork, at three in the morning, you’re woken to hear someone call your name. Alone and terrified, you stop to listen. You hear a bang, and then the sound of walking. Alarmed, you get up to see if anyone is in your house. Reluctantly you search the entire house...

Whangarei Private Residence

The Haunted Auckland team travelled to a small settlement just out of Whangarei to investigate a family’s reports of activity within their home. The area is very old with the road outside the house once having been the main road between Whangarei and Auckland.  The settlement once boasted a courthouse...

Paranormal Investigations

Reports on locations visited, researched or investigated by Haunted Auckland. Here you will find photographs, audio, video, and the histories and stories behind the locations we visit, with opinions and quotes from team members giving their impressions of the events during each of our paranormal investigations.

NZ UFO Sightings

Paranormal NZ is compiling stories and accounts of New Zealand UFO sightings, both recent and historical. If you have seen a UFO or experienced what you believe is alien phenomena, please contact us. Keep watching the skies!

Kiwi Cryptids

Articles and research written exclusively by the Paranormal NZ team and our international researchers covering strange and out-of-place creatures reported to be dwelling in the forests, lakes and seas of New Zealand.

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