Abandoned House – Huntly

On a short Sunday morning road trip back from filming the previous day in Hamilton, I decided to pop in and see if I could get permission to enter and photograph this cute old home in the Huntly township that I have been seeing on my journeys through the years and always wondered about. The owners of the property live next door and were happy to allow me access. Extra care and safety precaution was taken due to the derelict state of the house.

Note: Please, don’t trespass on private properties. Always seek permission before entering any derelict or abandoned locations. Also, be aware of your surroundings and look out for any danger areas or hazards. Please investigate safely.


  1. Mark Lynch

    This is my Grandparents home where they raised 7 kids from 1940 until my grandfather’s death in 2001. It was built by Richard Skellern an early settler in Huntly and is one of, if not the oldest house in the town. It also was surrounded by beautiful gardens which my grandmother received numerous awards for. I can still see her watering her garden and hear her singing. Hard to believe now this house was once a warm, cosy home. William Joseph Lynch 1910-2001. Cynthia Margaret ( Peg ) Lynch. 1920-1988

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for the fascinating info! Nice to be able to put some background story behind this little stunner! Would love to see any old photos of this home in its better years if you have any to share.

    1. Mark Lynch

      Will do Mark, there is a pic somewhere of Richard Skellern standing in front of house when it was built and his daughter in one of the bedroom windows, very ghostly pic it is. There is also a painting at the Kimihia rest home of this house in all its glory and I have a pencil drawing of the house on my Lounge room wall.

      1. Rachel Williams

        Hi Mark, My name is Rachel, It turns out that Richard Kellern is my Great Great Grandfather on my Fathers side, you mentioned that you had some pictures of him in front of the House. do you mind sharing them with me, I would love to see them or any stories your family might have of the Skellerns. Thank You.

  3. Michael Richard Skellern

    Hi Rachel, My name is Mike, I have only just found this site, whilst researching my family tree. I am not sure if you will get this, but I can only try. We may have something in common, Richard Skellern is also my Great, Great Grandfather. The name Richard has been carried on, my father has it as a second name, so do I and my son Raymond. To Mark, every little piece of family info is great, and I also would be real keen if you have any other info available, as we have nothing, I have had to start from scratch. I got excited to see the original family home still existed, unfortunately, looking at google earth, it looks like it is now gone, although I still plan to do go and have a look, just in case there is something left. Do you know if your uncle held onto anything of the house, as I work with timber for a hobby and it would be great to get my hands on a piece of the original house to make something out of. Cheers, Mike

    1. Rachel Williams

      Hi Mike, Great to hear from you. I have found you on a family tree that my Nana Left us. She is Cora Skellern’s Daughter. Cora was the youngest Daughter of Richard Skellern. My Dad, Garth never saw the house, which was a shame.

  4. Michael Richard Skellern

    Hi Elise, year I visited the site today and had a chat with the owner, top man, it sounds like it was beyond economical repair, a case of pull it down before it fell down. It is always a shame to see these old places disappear, but I can fully understand the economics. I managed to get hold of some bricks and a piece of timber, so we have a link to the generations of old. Happy with that.

    1. Elise McDonald

      Hi mark. Sadly this house has now been knocked down. It was on sh1. I too wanted to photograph it and kept saying I would. Then drove past it an they were knocking it down.

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