Ballachulish Hotel – Glencoe, Scotland

Another night, another allegedly haunted hotel ticked off our itinerary. This one was the Ballachulish Hotel in Glencoe, in the Highlands of Scotland. Lots of stories from this place. Everything from shadows, footsteps and ”touchings”, to a mysterious ghostly young boy and an elderley woman seen often in corridors and rooms. Aside from a few creaks from the floorboards above (we assumed there was someone staying above us and didnt check….poor investigation move; I know, I know) and the odd car driving past, it was a quiet night and an easy, full sleep. Oh, we also got to meet Diego, the hotel’s resident cat. – Mark

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  1. Dale lohnes

    My friend and I were on a bus tour through Scotland and Ireland and we stayed at this hotel , we had an odd encounter after we retired to our room . We both were reading and we kept hearing this loud footsteps come down the hall and then stop outside our door. We figured it was just other guests because our hallway had 5 rooms including ours. But it seemed very unlike the guests staying in other 4 rooms who were also on the bus trip , this happened about 5 times over next few hours. We also heard people talking in the room beside ours only to find out no one was actually in that room , the other 3 rooms was a family( a father in one , 2 sisters in another and 2 sister in laws in 3rd, they took the father on the trip because his wife had died) . I am glad we didn’t know the hotel had a reputation for being haunted till after the fact or it would have been a very long night.

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