Lizzie Borden House

Lizzie Borden (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) was tried and acquitted in the 1892 axe murders of her father Andrew Borden and stepmother Abby in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Borden home, originally built for two families in 1845, was turned into a single family dwelling by Andrew. The house remains a city landmark… Continue reading Lizzie Borden House

Angel Hair: An Australian Perspective

Introduction The term ‘Angel hair’ refers to a web-like substance, which has been observed falling from the sky to the ground. It is reported to have the unusual property of ‘disappearing’ within a short time of falling. On some occasions it is reported in the company of UFOs. Reports of ‘Angel hair’ have been made… Continue reading Angel Hair: An Australian Perspective

The Ghost Nun of Borley Rectory

Borley Rectory was a Victorian mansion that gained fame as “the most haunted house in England”. Built in 1862 to house the rector of the parish of Borley, Essex and his family, it was badly damaged by fire in 1939 and demolished in 1944. The large Gothic-style rectory in the village of Borley had been… Continue reading The Ghost Nun of Borley Rectory

The Ghosts of Adelaide Botanic Gardens

In 1852 the Adelaide Lunatic Asylum opened its doors. Built on land overlooking the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, the asylum served its intended purpose for fifty years, before patients were moved to the new Parkside Lunatic Asylum. Do any of the past patients still call the location home? The Colonial Public Lunatic Asylum. In  1836, South… Continue reading The Ghosts of Adelaide Botanic Gardens


The thylacine ( THY-lə-seen,  or Thylacinus cynocephalus, Greek for “dog-headed pouched one”) was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. It is commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger (because of its striped back) or the Tasmanian wolf. Native to continental Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea, it is thought to have become extinct in the 20th… Continue reading Thylacine


First predicted by psychologist, William James, transliminality is a hypothesis for the tendency of psychological material to cross thresholds into or out of consciousness. The flow of information from our conscious to our unconscious has been a subject of great debate, interest and thought for many centuries. It was William James who suggested that out… Continue reading Transliminality

Distortions of time

When views have existed for many years, it can be extremely arduous changing them. New Zealand is a classic example, it was always thought that we were free from snakes, crocodiles and even apart from three species of bats, mammals as a whole. A way different picture is certainly now being painted of New Zealand… Continue reading Distortions of time

Bassett Taking UFO Disclosure Message to Australia/NZ – Technorati Technology

Bassett Taking UFO Disclosure Message to Australia – Technorati Technology Author: Tim Brosnan X-Conference organizer and Paradigm Research Group (PRG) executive director Stephen Bassett has announced that he will leave June 22 for a 35-day speaking tour of Australia to include twelve stops in eleven cities. The principal sponsor of the tour is the Nexus… Continue reading Bassett Taking UFO Disclosure Message to Australia/NZ – Technorati Technology

Scientists ‘rebuild’ giant moa using ancient DNA

( — Scientists have performed the first DNA-based reconstruction of the giant extinct moa bird, using prehistoric feathers recovered from caves and rock shelters in New Zealand. Researchers from the University of Adelaide and Landcare Research in New Zealand have identified four different moa species after retrieving ancient DNA from moa feathers believed to be… Continue reading Scientists ‘rebuild’ giant moa using ancient DNA

FRANCIS, the Adelaide Arcade ghost [video]

FRANCIS, the Adelaide Arcade ghost, has been caught on the centre’s security cameras for the first time, so it appears.Adelaide Arcade promotions manager Sharon Leaney provided the City Messenger with the eerie surveillance footage which shows a burst of light, man-like, fading in and out, near the Grenfell St end of the arcade.“It’s been on… Continue reading FRANCIS, the Adelaide Arcade ghost [video]