Bassett Taking UFO Disclosure Message to Australia/NZ – Technorati Technology

Bassett Taking UFO Disclosure Message to Australia – Technorati Technology
Author: Tim Brosnan

X-Conference organizer and Paradigm Research Group (PRG) executive director Stephen Bassett has announced that he will leave June 22 for a 35-day speaking tour of Australia to include twelve stops in eleven cities. The principal sponsor of the tour is the Nexus Conference, produced by Nexus Magazine on July 24-26.

According to a June 1 press release issued by PRG, “advocacy for a political resolution to the UFO/ET issue, which began to coalesce in the United States in the mid 1990’s, has now become an international ‘Disclosure Movement’ seeking to end an official embargo of the truth regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.”
In 2006, Australia joined the list of countries that have been releasing government-held UFO files into the public domain. That list now includes France, Britain, Denmark and Canada.
Paradigm Research Group was founded in 1996 exclusively for the purpose of ending what Bassett calls the UFO “truth embargo,” and was the first organization to register with the United States Congress to lobby on behalf of the UFO/ET disclosure movement. PRG’s political action committee, X-PPAC, is the first PAC to address the UFO/ET issue.
In 2004, PRG produced the first X-Conference centered on what is known as “exopolitics,” the politics surrounding the UFO/ET phenomenon. The sixth X-Conference was held May 7-9, 2010 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. In 2008, PRG founded the Exopolitics World Network (EWN) and Exopolitics United States Network (EUSN) to help facilitate the expansion of the disclosure movement. Exopolitics Australia is a member of EWN.
On the upcoming tour, Bassett says he “hopes to gain a greater understanding of how Australians view the UFO/ET issue and the disclosure process.” He will brief various groups on the status of the disclosure movement and will seek new support for PRG’s advocacy initiatives.

Bassett’s tour schedule is as follows: Perth (June 24-27), Adelaide (June 27-30), Canberra (June 30-July 5), Wollongong (July 5-9), Sydney (July 9-12), Melbourne (July 12-14), Auckland, NZ (July 14-17) (developing), Long Jetty/Newcastle (July 17-19), Byron Bay (July 19-21), Brisbane (July 21-23), Twin Waters (July 23-26), Brisbane (July 26-29).

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