FRANCIS, the Adelaide Arcade ghost [video]

FRANCIS, the Adelaide Arcade ghost, has been caught on the centre’s security cameras for the first time, so it appears.
Adelaide Arcade promotions manager Sharon Leaney provided the City Messenger with the eerie surveillance footage which shows a burst of light, man-like, fading in and out, near the Grenfell St end of the arcade.
“It’s been on the surveillance cameras for quite a few days,” Ms Leaney said.
“We have had lots of reports of people hearing footsteps, going cold, but this (film) is the first time I’ve ever seen anything.”
The Adelaide Arcade ghost is said to be its former caretaker Francis Cluney.
He was investigating a flickering light one night in June, 1887, when he fell into the generator and died. Adelaide Arcade, built in 1885, was the first mall in Australia to boast electric lights.
Adelaide Arcade’s resident clairvoyant Joan Lesley has no doubt it’s Francis on camera.
“He’s a nice guy,” Ms Lesley said. full article and video here…

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