Photo Analysis: Sleeping Child (2019-08-13)

The following image was submitted to the NZ Paranormal Research discussion group. It shows a sleeping child with a light anomaly in the upper right quadrant. The image, having been uploaded to Facebook, has been stripped of all useful meta-data, so we cannot make any determination of the camera settings at the time the photograph… Continue reading Photo Analysis: Sleeping Child (2019-08-13)

Strangers in the Mirror

Have you ever looked in a mirror at night and seen a stranger’s face staring back at you? Have you ever seen something in the mirror which can’t be real? Have you gazed into a mirror, only to realise that the face gazing back at you no longer has the familiar features of your own?… Continue reading Strangers in the Mirror

A Pint of Paranormal – Web Series – Episode 1

An occasional web series from Haunted Auckland, featuring paranormal based banter with other like-minded researchers, team members and any random victim we can haul in to natter about ghosts ‘n’ stuff with us. Created with no budget and not a lot of talent, we hope you enjoy it.

Hunua Falls

Hunua Falls | Wikimedia Commons - Licence CC-BY-SA-3.0

Located in Auckland’s Hunua Ranges Regional Park, the tranquillity of Hunua Falls belies it’s tragic history which may have garnered a paranormal reputation.

The Nature and Existence of Ghosts

Macbeth seeing the ghost of Banquo - by Théodore Chassériau

“What are ghosts?” – This is a question which is often pondered by paranormal investigators. A recent Reddit post started me thinking on my theories on the nature and existence of ghosts and I decided I would take the opportunity to expand on my thoughts here.

Spirits Bay (Piwhane)

e Karaka Bay (left) and the long coastline of Spirits Bay (right), viewed from its eastern end. Credit:

The aptly named Spirits Bay, or Piwhane, is located at the most northern tip of New Zealand’s North Island. The isolated bay is 12 kilometers long and was named one of the top campers’ spots in New Zealand. Cultural Significance From Wikipedia: The bay is considered a sacred place in Māori culture as according to… Continue reading Spirits Bay (Piwhane)

Bizarre conspiracy claims involving Paranormal NZ

A bizarre and amusing webpage came to our attention recently. It involves an alleged cover-up by Paranormal NZ, aka Haunted Auckland, in a case named the “Johanna Laing Conspiracy Theory”. The webpage gives information on the alleged sighting of a ghost in Laingholm, Auckland, purported to be the spirit of Johanna Laing, the daughter Edward Laing… Continue reading Bizarre conspiracy claims involving Paranormal NZ

Help! There are creepy faces in my photograph!

An example of pareidolia in a high ISO JPEG image.

So you’ve taken a photograph with your phone and you notice something odd in the shadows. You zoom right in and there are creepy faces! Eyes and maybe a nose and a mouth or even a skull, staring out transparently from the shadows. Is it a ghost? Is it a demon? What have I captured?… Continue reading Help! There are creepy faces in my photograph!

Camp Adair

Often captioned as the "Camp Adair School House", this building is in fact a caretakers cottage on the property. The actual School House is a much larger building which seats 45 people. Image Copyright ©2010 Henry Falkner (

YMCA Camp Adair is located in Hunua, south of Auckland. It was first established in 1913 and encompasses over 100 acres, the camp was later purchased by the YMCA in 1938. The camp currently provides outdoor recreational facilities, including farmland and native bush. The historic School House located on the property can be hired for… Continue reading Camp Adair

Matthew Tyler: Which piece of equipment being used these days by investigators, do you feel is gathering the most important or valid data? Why?

Since the scientific study of paranormal activity, specifically as it relates to hauntings and ghosts, is still relatively new I don’t believe we have reached a stage where any of the data currently gathered could be called scientifically valid. However it is my belief that human perception of hauntings is strongly driven by environmental conditions… Continue reading Matthew Tyler: Which piece of equipment being used these days by investigators, do you feel is gathering the most important or valid data? Why?

Matthew Tyler: What is your view on the theory that ghosts are made of, and draw upon, energy? Do you feel this is valid or plausible?

The term “energy” is one of those words which has different meanings depending on its usage and your point of view. From a scientific perspective it is used in physics to denote a property which can be transferred by the interaction of physical objects. It is a very broad concept which covers many times of… Continue reading Matthew Tyler: What is your view on the theory that ghosts are made of, and draw upon, energy? Do you feel this is valid or plausible?

Chateau Tongariro Hotel

Hotel Chateau Tongariro

Chateau Tongariro is a New Zealand hotel and resort complex located close to Whakapapa ski-field on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu. It is also close to the volcanic peaks of Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngauruhoe, within the borders of the Tongariro National Park, New Zealand’s oldest national park. The Chateau Tongariro Hotel building was finished… Continue reading Chateau Tongariro Hotel

Waiouru Military Camp

Waiouru Military Camp

Waiouru Military Camp is a camp of the New Zealand Army in the central North Island near Waiouru. All New Zealand Army soldiers complete their initial basic training at Waiouru Military Camp. History In mid-1940, 800 construction workers from the Ministry of Works built the training camp with capacity for 7000 soldiers. Within six weeks… Continue reading Waiouru Military Camp

The Soldiers of Selwyn Street

When I was about six, our family lived in Christchurch in an old rented three bedroom house on Selwyn Street in Spreydon. Sometimes I would wake up and there was a war on my bed with little people dressed like the King, soldiers, horses and canons, other times a tall soldier would walk out of… Continue reading The Soldiers of Selwyn Street

Ghost Cam: Craig Y Nos Castle, Wales UK

Craig Y Nos Castle

Craig Y Nos Castle was built in 1843 by a Captain Rice Powell. Over the years it has functioned as a home and hospital for wounded soldiers. Various apparitions have been reported in the castle’s halls and stairwells. The Paranormal World operates a set of 26 live ghost cams in the castle, showing various views of the haunted locations.