Bizarre conspiracy claims involving Paranormal NZ

A bizarre and amusing webpage came to our attention recently. It involves an alleged cover-up by Paranormal NZ, aka Haunted Auckland, in a case named the “Johanna Laing Conspiracy Theory”.

The webpage gives information on the alleged sighting of a ghost in Laingholm, Auckland, purported to be the spirit of Johanna Laing, the daughter Edward Laing the founder of Laingholm. According to the webpage, investigators from Paranormal NZ “tried to hunt down the spirit of Johanna in early October 2003” and “found something shocking” after which “the case disappeared from the groups site as well as all evidence that a case was ever filed”. The website includes a doctored screenshot of the Paranormal NZ website showing a link to an article on “Operation Johanna Laing”, and another cryptically to “Number 12 Pine Street”.

Since we had never heard of this case of Johanna Laing before, the team found these conspiracy (or possibly “consiprcy” according the page) claims highly amusing! We thought we would share a copy of the page below for the entertainment of our readers.

Odd claims from the webpage:

  • An investigation was conducted in October 2003, yet Paranormal NZ, and our investigation team Haunted Auckland, did not form until 2010.
  • The screenshot claims to be from July 2004, yet the layout and content of the page is from September 2016. Never mind the fact that the website didn’t event exist in 2004!
  • The webpage appears to claim Edward Laing founded Laingholm in 1729. The name Laingholm is derived from George and John Laing, who farmed the area starting in 1854.
  • Johanna apparently died in Laingholm, Auckland in 1822, however Auckland was not settled for farming by Europeans until the 1830’s and was officially founded in 1840.

What do you think? Is this the imaginative prelude to a fictional novel with a kiwi paranormal theme? Does the spirit of Johanna really haunt the native bush and beaches of Laingholm? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Johanna Laing Conspiracy Theory

Johanna Laing Conspiracy Theory


  1. quilloman

    The reason this site is incorrect is probably because it is not the original one as I found a site dealing with the same topic by a different person and the details there all add up! I will post the link when I find the site.

  2. Johanna

    I mad,,e th,,is website, as a prank,, it was never real never real never real never real never real never real never real never real never real never real never real never real

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