Parnell School investigation recordings

While investigating this building we sometimes would hear what we thought was a woman speaking. While some team members (who were not in the room at the times these were recorded) insisted this was someone’s stomach, those who were there insisted that it was not. I find it interesting that the noise does seem to respond to our questions. – Barbara

And another at a different investigation (same room as the other voices)


Boarding School noises

This noise was captured during a communication session on the second floor of an old boarding school we were investigating. It was clearly heard by the investigators in the room at the time and the sounds seemed to start at one end of the building, move towards us and past us. This was heard on the second floor which was unused and empty with no furniture or anything heavy which could have possibly made that noise. Strangely the two investigators who were in the room directly below where the other investigators were heard nothing at all.

Auckland Girl’s School Investigations: Various voices and knocking 2016 – 2018

During 2016 – 2018, the team were lucky enough to be granted unlimited access to research inside a historical Auckland girl’s school. In the two years of access we had, we conducted over 20 research visits, many of them full overnight stays. During a few of these sessions we would allow our followers to join in by starting a Facebook Live feed. This idea proved vfry useful, as those followers could watch and listen with, and for us. Certainly a big help in covering alot of area with so many eyes and ears monitoring.

During one session, our Live Feed followers commented they could hear what sounded like children playing. Laughing and giggling as they would in a school situation. The sounds were heard  whilst the live feed phone camera was positioned on a tripod in an old unused bathroom on the uptairs level. When one of the team went upstairs to sit in the batroom to see if we too could hear it (we couldnt hear it with our ears at the time), it was heard, but only electronically through headphones and not with the ears.  This was all happening arouna 2am in the morning.; a time when the chances of it actually being a crowd of children out playing wouldve been very slim. Again, the sounds were not heard with our ears, so could not have been coming from inside or outside. We post the audio captures here for you to listen to and form your own opinions.

Private Investigation: Westgate

This clip was actually recorded during a private investigation of a house at Westgate. We were talking to the client outside. The house was in a rural situation with no other houses around it. A woman apparently says something, however there was no woman there. – Barbara

School’s out! ….or is it?

While investigating at an abandoned school some of the team heard two loud thumps during a communication session held on the second floor of the building. You hear the thumps and then an investigator who was in the hallway outside the room where three investigators were calls out to see if we had also heard the noise. These thumps were so loud and deliberate we wondered if someone was having us on and was banging the wall in a nearby room so we immediately rechecked the outside fire escapes and then went through every room in the building to make sure there was not an intruder. Strangely these bangs were only heard on the second floor and two investigators who had been in the room directly below heard nothing at all. We had many sessions at this school which included checking the attic and never found any evidence of possums or rodents.

Johnathan Lockley session – New Lynn

In October 2012, the Haunted Auckland team embarked on a second investigation at a private residence in New Lynn, Auckland. The residents of the property allowed us a full overnight investigation after we noticed a strange feeling of presence in a bedroom used by Michael, the head of the household.

“Johnathan Lockley session – New Lynn”

Puhinui Homestead man talks about a pump

One in particular is really intriguing as it sounds like Mark Wallbank speaking and saying something about pumps, however Mark had left the building over an hour beforehand. This man’s voice was captured during one of our many research sessions at Puhinui House at the Howick village. The investigation was a duo with only Barbara and Karen present at the time. They were downstairs and had left the audio recorder upstairs. A man’s voice clearly asks “What about the pumps?” or something along those lines. The voice seems to be quite close to the audio recorder. It is interesting to note that the pump that had originally been at the house had been imported from England and that it was at that time state-of-the-art and the owner had been immensely proud of it. I can offer no explanation for that voice as at the time there were only two female investigators in the building. – Barbara

Get out

This voice was captured during a Haunted Auckland visit to Spookers with “The Edge” radio hosts. A room that had been previously closed up was opened so that the radio presenter could sleep the night there. A voice seems to whisper “Get Out” as we look into the room….

Playhouse Theatre

During an investigation at the Playhouse Theatre in Glen Eden, this man’s voice was captured. He seems to have a British accent. – Barbara

Footsteps in the Asylum

This was recorded while conducting a communication session using a spirit box during a Haunted Auckland Ghost Hunt at the old Kingseat hospital. If not using headphones turn up as loud as you can. The noises and footsteps were so loud and clear that I thought it was a team member thumping around in the next room and it was only when I got no response that I realised that the sounds may be paranormal!! Interestingly, when I went into the other room only about half of the ghost hunters came with me! The others either didn’t hear it or were a bit scared to go to where the noise was coming from :) – Barbara

Freindly Ponsonby spook

Investigator Mark is sitting alone in the child’s empty bedroom and asks “Would you like to speak to me tonight?”. It seems he had a reply.

Barbara was walking down the hallway, heard the response to the question and thought it was Mark speaking. I knew it sounded a little odd so asked what he was talking about. – Barbara

Kingseat ”coughing”

Coughing captured in Maximum Security Building 2 by Matthew Tyler who was sitting completely alone in the Maximum Security building whilst the other team members were all in a completely different building, a distance from this one.
“Kingseat ”coughing””

Haunted Herne Bay

While on an investigation of a private home in Herne Bay, investigator Kris, recorded this voice during a communication session in one of the bedrooms.

Possible spirit communication at Kingseat Hospital Nurses home, Aka Spookers – April 7th 2013

The Haunted Auckland group returned to the Spookers building at Kingseat to look further into incidents which had happened on the previous investigation sessions, looking for explanations and to gather more evidence of the paranormal activity in this former psychiatric hospital. On the lower level they seemed to be having some to – and – fro interaction with an EMF meter.

The below pieces of audio were gathered during our follow-up investigation on 7th April 2013. The beeping noise that can be heard is an EMF Detector with an audio function which gives a series of beeps. The speed of the beeps gives an indication of the strength of the electro-magnetic field. The detector was held stationary while this audio was being captured.
Fluctuating energy levels could be many things. There are many possible sources of readings. An important one is, of course, electrical equipment and wiring, even if it is not obviously visible. Electrical cables may be in walls, ceilings or under floors. The fields these cables produce may vary a lot depending on electrical loads from equipment that might be some distance away and not visible to investigators. Electromagnetic fields can also be attributed to the Earth’s naturally created geomagnetic fields. Humans also emit a small field of energy.

Whilst all these could be used as argument by sceptics as to what caused the ongoing seemingly ‘intelligent’ and rather precise communications we seemed to be experiencing, we personally do not feel they fit the experiences we had. The replies were bang-on responsive to the questions. The answers were all relevant to the questions asked. When confirmation of each answer was asked for, the confirmation reply was immediate. Even down to the smaller detailed questioning like ‘How many fingers am I holding up?’ And ‘How many men are there in the room?’, ‘How many women are in the room?’ All accurately answered and confirmed, sometimes a second time to be sure.
The team were all witnesses and were all impressed by the accuracy and speed of the apparently replies given to us, via EMF meter connection. As usual we try to keep the questioning and conversations light in topic; asking simple questions like “What is your name?” “Did you work here?”, “Do you enjoy being here?” etc.
We also try to have fun with them as we’ve found in the past that a lighter mood based around friendliness, a light-hearted manner and a caring, sympathetic approach seems to bring in more responses. It’s about letting them know that we mean them no disrespect or harm in being there, that we are there to try to make contact, to learn about them and anyone else that may still reside in the building and to understand their situation and get a feel of what it must have been like in their time.
We try to assure them that we are there to listen to them if they are able, (or want) to talk with us. Have a listen and decide for yourself. Communication? or Coincidence?

Toilet voices at the Civic Theatre

This possible EVP was recorded by former team member Kris, while conducting a solo communication session in the public toilets at the Civic Theatre. He was alone on that floor of the building when he heard what he thought may have been another team member looking for him. He was very surprised to find that the others were upstairs in a completely different area.

Sergeant Fords Cottage – Howick Historical Village: Visit 2 – 28th Jan, 2012.

After some interesting occurrences in a previous investigation and upon hearing further stories from the staff at the Village who received our report and corroborated some of the evidence we captured, we felt a second investigation with a larger team was necessary to help consolidate the evidence of paranormal activity at the Howick Historical Village.
Here is an audio anomaly captured simultaneously on two recorders in separate rooms. The anomaly sounds like a woman sighing in the first recording from the kitchen, and in the 2nd recording taken in the bedroom it appears to continue with indistinct words. This was captured while only 3 male investigators were present.

Eckfords Maraetai Homestead – Howick Historical Village- Dec 17, 2011 Session 2 ”White Dress”

Audio Anomalies:The following audio anomaly was captured at 90 minutes into the investigation, within the Eckfords Maraetai Homestead building. We believe this to be an example of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) as the voice recorded on the digital recorder was not heard by any of the team members present at the time it was captured.
During this session, three male team members were in the building. Mark, being a bit silly, went up to a dressed mannequin and casually said ”nice blue dress”, commenting on the very new looking period replica blue attire, it was wearing.  Nothing was heard untill the audio was reviewed later on.  A clear (though a little ambiguous) reply is heard immediately after Mark’s comment.  One interpretation we heard was ”White Dress”.  When we  sent the audio to the village management to listen and offer an opinion, we were surprised to hear that the mannequin had  (just hours before our arrival) had its clothes changed by a staff member for cleaning. The mannequin had been wearing a WHITE DRESS!  A spooky coincidence, or possible communication?  You decide.
Below are two samples taken from a 150 second recording at the location. The first sample has not been altered apart from cropping the length to 15 seconds. The second sample has been amplified by 30dB to improve listenability. The audio anomaly or EVP occurs at 10.5 seconds into the sample and appears to be made up of two syllables whispered in a male voice.