Hatupatu and the Birdwoman

  Just recieved this book in the post. It’s a story I’ve loved for a while now, as tells the chilling folkloric story of human interaction with a mysterious and terrifying creature. Written and published in 1982 by Joy Cowley and beautifully illustrated by Katrina Larabee. In Māori tradition, Hatupatu (or “Hatu Patu”) was the… Continue reading Hatupatu and the Birdwoman

The Haunted Website of Repleh Snatas?

This intriguing story has been on my files for a few years now. It’s a creepy online website ”game” which follows similar myths like the ”Bloody Mary” and Ouija board fads. The website itself makes claims of being ”haunted” and is a ”powerful tool for getting revenge on someone who has done you wrong.” A… Continue reading The Haunted Website of Repleh Snatas?

R.I.P Lorraine Warren

In the paranormal field, Ed and Lorraine Warren were already world-renowned legends, but it was thanks to James Wan’s The Conjuring (and its subsequent franchise universe) that the duo rose to even higher levels of prominence. The entire universe is based on the case files of Ed and Lorraine, with Lorraine played by Vera Farmiga… Continue reading R.I.P Lorraine Warren

Ghostly gushing mystifies Regent workers

By Chris Morris Sarah Anderson does not want to spook the audience. But she is struggling to explain recent mysterious incidents inside Dunedin’s Regent Theatre. The latest came early yesterday, when, in a dark and empty upstairs function room, a tap turned itself on. It began gushing water, flooding the room and then the box… Continue reading Ghostly gushing mystifies Regent workers

Man records ‘ghost’ in abandoned mine

Another video clip that has been doing the news rounds lately, is this one. The news article begins with… “An amateur film maker in the US has supposedly recorded the whispering words of a ghost in an abandoned Arizona mine. The man, known only as ‘Frank’, posted the video to his YouTube channel where it… Continue reading Man records ‘ghost’ in abandoned mine

Haunted Auckland book – Voices in the walls

Do ghosts exist? What was I thinking, beginning a book with probably the most asked question ever (alongside, “why are we here?” and “what does it all mean?”)? Rational thinking would’ve told me to start off simple, to ease the reader into the pages ahead. A question that involved needs a big answer, one of… Continue reading Haunted Auckland book – Voices in the walls

Claims ‘witch doctors’ issue widespread

          By Patrice Dougan, Alicia Burrow So-called Hindu ‘witch doctors’ have some in the Auckland Indian community living in fear of black magic curses, with claims the issue is wide-spread and has been going on for decades. Complaints have been rolling into NZME today after claims ‘healers’ in South Auckland have… Continue reading Claims ‘witch doctors’ issue widespread

Hunting for clues in Hamilton’s haunted places

        Hamilton man Josh Carroll is sceptical of haunted places. It’s strange because he is a paranormal investigator. He detests the term ghost hunter – “It’s appalling. It brings up connotations that we’re seeking them out like they’re some sort of prey that we’re going to capture and deal with.” Since he… Continue reading Hunting for clues in Hamilton’s haunted places

Evil Spirits Plague Restaurant

As reported in: NZHerald – 08 December 2013. Troubled Botany restaurant an establishment where they don’t usually serve spirits The new boss of a restaurant that has sent five owners broke in three years wants an exorcist to check the property for evil spirits. Auckland businessman Darius Karani is setting up an Asian fusion restaurant in Bishop… Continue reading Evil Spirits Plague Restaurant

The Case of the Spinning Egyptian Statue: Solved

An ancient statue in a British museum was caught on camera mysteriously turning in its locked display case in June. The footage mystified many and made international news. According to an article in the “Manchester Evening News:” An ancient Egyptian statue has spooked museum bosses — after it mysteriously started to spin round in a… Continue reading The Case of the Spinning Egyptian Statue: Solved

Ghostly goings on in Hastings [Hawkes Bay Today]

An alleged ghost sighting in the Hawke’s Bay Today Hastings office has inspired a raft of claims surrounding other potentially haunted buildings in the city. A contract cleaner was working in the Hastings office on Thursday night when she was “notified about a presence in your building”. She had been working in the building for… Continue reading Ghostly goings on in Hastings [Hawkes Bay Today]

Ghostly experiences offered on tour [Kapi-Mana News]

BY ANDREA O’NEIL For someone who says she’s not much of a people person, Kathy McBride has the wrong career: she’s confronted by friends and strangers all day long – only they happen to be dead. Ghost hunter, ghost buster, medium, psychic – call her what you will, Miss McBride says she has seen, heard… Continue reading Ghostly experiences offered on tour [Kapi-Mana News]

Waikato’s most haunted [Waikato Times]

They’re not ghostbusters, they’re investigators Quantum Foundation founders Lisa Austen, left, and Tracey Royce investigate paranormal activity in the Waikato and say Hollywood horror flicks are nothing like the real thing.Things that go bump in the night go bump a little more often in the Waikato than other parts of the country. That’s according to… Continue reading Waikato’s most haunted [Waikato Times]

Eerie events at Embassy theatre

Embassy Theatre manager Damianos George in the foyer of the new cinema. CRAIG SIMCOX/Fairfax NZ The supernatural raised its ghostly head during the construction of the Embassy Theatre’s two new 70-seater boutique cinemas which open to the public tomorrow. The site of the new fully-digital theatres beneath the upstairs auditorium still resembled a building site… Continue reading Eerie events at Embassy theatre

Irene terrified as ghost comes a-calling

Waitara homeowner Irene Russ has had countless sleepless nights in the last year convinced a ghost named Jack was haunting her but the answer was in the telephone.Pensioner Irene Russ has spent the last year terrified of buzzing noises and eerie blue lights that woke her every day at exactly 3.13am. Worried that spirits had… Continue reading Irene terrified as ghost comes a-calling

New Zealand man ‘attacked by vampires’

By Paul Chapman A New Zealand man claimed he was bitten by three people who allegedly drank his blood during a vampire-style attack in the dark. Details of the bizarre late night incident on Mount Victoria, an unlit beauty spot that overlooks the capital, Wellington, emerged after two people appeared in court jointly charged with… Continue reading New Zealand man ‘attacked by vampires’

An Invercargill ghost caught in photo?

Busting out the ghost theories By SAM McKNIGHT – The Southland Times An Invercargill man has taken a photograph that could be proof of the afterlife, or it could be a cloud – who knows? Andrew Watters travelled to St Bathans, near Alexandra, with his partner Kim Ward during the weekend in search of the… Continue reading An Invercargill ghost caught in photo?

Ghostly photos spark debate

Are these some of New Zealand’s spookiest pictures? [stuff.co.nz]For the past few weeks, The Press has been calling for New Zealand’s best spectral images in the wake of a British competition that judged ghost pictures from around the world.The photograph chosen as the best by British judges was that of a ghostly figure, in Tudor… Continue reading Ghostly photos spark debate

Remuera: Ghostly goings on at No 4

By Donna Fleming [NZ Herald]It took three exorcisms and a Maori blessing to expel the spirits from historic Cotter House, one of the homes featuring on this year’s Look Good Feel Better Fine Homes Tour. If only these walls could talk. There must be hundreds of fascinating tales to tell about the goings-on at Remuera’s… Continue reading Remuera: Ghostly goings on at No 4