Ghost-hunters find signs of spirits at Globe Theatre

It is “safe to say” spirits occupy Dunedin’s Globe Theatre after “light anomalies” were recorded there at the weekend, paranormal investigator Kelly Cavanagh says.

Five members of The Other Side Paranormal group visited the theatre on Saturday night to follow up earlier research into three spirits believed to be there.

The spirits were apparently those of Robert Blackadder, who lived in the building in the 19th century before it became a theatre, a girl called Mary Elizabeth Richmond (now thought to have moved on from the theatre), who lived in the building when it was a cottage in the 1860s, and former theatre caretaker Frank Grayson, who died in the 1980s.

“I think it’s safe to say the caretaker Frank is still there. He is just there looking after the place, basically.

“We’ve found a few things on our video footage … a few light anomalies,” Ms Cavanagh said.

There was also an “incident” when a person felt someone sit down next to them, and a photo revealed “energy” beside them.

“The first conclusion … is that there is definitely still persons there, but they are just there because they are there.

“They are not there to scare people.”

Information gathered from an electromagnetic field reader, temperature gauge, video recorder with night vision and a voice recorder would be analysed over the next week, but Ms Cavanagh was confident something had been encountered.

“We’ve definitely got some results and we are quite happy with what we’ve found.”

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