Book Review: Ghosts of Aradale Asylum : True experiences from Australia’s most haunted location – by William ”Bill” Tabone.

This arrived in the post the other day. Been wanting to read it since I first heard rumblings it was being written. I’ve never been to Aradale yet, but it’s stayed high on my bucket- list for many years.
Hoping we’ll get a break in the lock-downs and I can do a quick leap over that proverbial ditch to hang out my Aussie mates and check into a few haunted locations.
The mighty star of this book, the imposing 1865 built Aradale Asylum, (originally named the Ararat Lunatic Asylum) has the honour of being the Southern Hemisphere’s largest mental institution; featuring a sprawling 65 buildings.
With around 13,000 deaths within it’s walls, the corruption and unethical practices and inhumane experimentation that occurred there during it’s time, I’m quite confident there’d be some rather unstable and disgruntled spectral personalities still in residence there!
Then there’s William ”Bill’ Tabone.

Seasoned, well-respected Paranormal Researcher, Director of the Australian Paranormal Society, a wealth of experience and knowledge and writer of this intriguing tome to this notorious and fascinating location. Bill has spent many nights, over many years within those walls, investigating and running public tours. If anyone knows everything about the inner workings and spooky happenings surrounding this place, it’ll be Bill!
Within the 247 pages we find personal experiences and anecdotes, histories, a building by building walk-through narrative of when and where incidents have occurred by either himself, team members, those working there or public events attendees.
It’s an easy read and covers a lot of ground. The stories are incredible.
So incredible, that after reading this, Aradale Asylum has now leapt right to the very top of my afore mentioned location bucket list.

When those bloody borders are open… I’m coming over!
Available via Amazon, or track down Bill online at the Australian Paranormal Society for your copy.

Either way… Get it!

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