Investigations and Exploration in Australia.

Haunted Auckland takes a trip across the Tasman to visit some of Australia’s most active and haunted locations to investigate and explore, alongside teams and researchers from across the continent.

No.2 and 3 Quality Row (The 'Duplex') - Norfolk Island
Mount St. Mary’s College and Convent - Katoomba, NSW
Blue Mountains Exploration: Research Area - Bullaburra
Kanangra Ranges (Australia) exploration with Rex Gilroy
Blue Mountains YHA, Katoomba.
Fremantle Prison - Fremantle, Western Australia
Return to Rookwood Cemetery & Necropolis, Sydney
Return to the Russell Hotel, Sydney
Quarantine Station, Manly - Australia
Gore Hill Cemetery, Sydney
The Suez Canal, Sydney
Rookwood Cemetery & Necropolis, Sydney
Russell Hotel, Sydney