Kanangra Ranges (Australia) exploration with Rex Gilroy

May 30th 2016: I spent the day (9am  – 9pm) wandering the vast Kanangra Ranges in search for evidence of the mysterious and elusive Yowie (Australia’s Bigfoot) and Thylacine (aka The Tasmanian Tiger). In our time in the dense wilderness, we saw kangaroos, wallabies and a wombat. Rex stumbled upon what looks like a large footprint in the gravel. This was plaster cast for further analysis. I discovered what appears to be a large very old footprint in a rocky gully. Clearly seen, are what appear to be large toes and slip marks; as if the creature had skidded in mud many years ago. Whether or not our print discoveries are actual creature impressions, we do not know, but have documented the finds as best we can for future reference. Thank you to Rex and Heather Gilroy for taking me out in the field yet again.



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