Puhinui Homestead EVP Capture – ”……Pumps”

April 2nd 2016
During one of the team’s many investigation sessions at the PuhiNui Homestead at the Howick Historical Village, a voice was recorded that we found intriguing.
There were only two women investigating in the building at the time, yet the voice sounds distinctly male. No men were investigating that night. The voice was not heard at the time.
The voice sounds closer to the audio recorder than the two women. They were downstairs in the living room/lounge, whilst the audio recorder was positioned upstairs.
It sounds like someone is saying something about ”the pumps”.
Further research showed that the previous owner, William McLaughlin had installed a new filtration system (pump?) on the property. The first of its kind and something he was very proud of. Interesting!
What do you hear?