PUBLIC GHOST HUNT: Howick Historical Village

A fantastic and fun night with a great gathering of people at the Howick Historical Village!

We kicked off the night with a short presentation about the team, and what we do, followed by the  intriguing Puhinui torch throwing clip and allowed for a few questions.  We then split into two teams; one lead by myself (Mark) and the other in the capable hands of Sam.  Also at the helm were Karen, Lisa and Marlene (our newest recruit). Barbara turned up and joined in during the final couple of hours. During the 5 hour session ahead, we explored nine historical buildings, including Fords Cottage, Eckfords Homestead, church, Courthouse, School house and ending with a grand finale of the mighty Puhinui Homestead.  A huge Thank you to everyone who attended, it was great meeting you all. Nice to see a few familiar faces there too!

Please do send in your good photos if you have some and we’ll add them to this gallery.

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