Kingseat Investigations

It has the reputation of being one of the most haunted locations in New Zealand.

Kingseat Hospital is a former psychiatric hospital located in Karaka, south of Auckland. It is currently the site of residential villas, created from former patient housing, the Spookers attraction, located in the former Nurses’ Hostel as well as several large disused and vacant hospital buildings. The hospital closed its doors in 1999, however spirits of staff and patients are said to linger in the imposing buildings on its grounds. These are Haunted Auckland’s Kingseat Investigations…

Two investigations to round off the year. A Return to Kingseat and a residential assessment.
Kingseat - Villa 11
Kingseat re-visit. Random photo 2018 gallery
Kingseat Hospital Photo Gallery
Kingseat Morgue [Photos]
Spookers visit with Steph from Smash! on Edge TV
Kingseat Photo Gallery - Maximum Security
Kingseat Maximum Security
Kingseat Maximum Security - Third Overnight Session
Follow-up Investigation at Spookers
Spookers Return Visit with The Edge
Kingseat Nurses Hostel / Spookers
Private Residence, Kingseat
Kingseat History and Nurses Hostel Walk-through
Residential Villa, Kingseat