Two investigations to round off the year. A Return to Kingseat and a residential assessment.

Two investigations to round off the year.
Have to say that even with the lockdowns, it’s still been a busy year for us. Looking forward, next year is shaping up to be a very productive one too!
Pandemic frustrations pending….of course.
Last night, Aimee and Natasha went South to spend a few hours investigating one of the villas at Kingseat, a former psychiatric hospital complex out at Karaka and one of the team’s favorite locations that we have been field researching for well over 15 years.
Mark, had a residential call-out to attend.
This one was on the North Shore. A rental property, now empty that the previous tenant had recently vacated, claiming the house was haunted in an attempt to recoup their bond money from the landlord. They had left the home with some damages and were being refused their bond, so were trying the ”haunted” route.
The landlord messaged me to ask if I could have a go at assessing whether or not there was anything to their claims.
If I’m honest, the claims didn’t really intrigue me, as they were so similar to something I’ve also encountered myself in my own home. Tapping sounds, scratching and thumps in the walls and ceiling. Allegedly the ceiling lights would sometimes flicker in the lounge around the same time the noises would occur. All very familiar. Let’s just say that alongside the usual atmospheric/EMF/ temperature monitoring gadgets in my kit, I also brought with me a container of rat tablets.
I guess I’ll find out when I return in a couple of days if my assumption was correct.
Interestingly, over at Kingseat, Aimee and Natasha were also experiencing some apparent frenzied rat action. Squabbles with the resident pigeons I hear.
Thanks to all those that joined them for the Facebook live-feed.
Here’s a few photos from both investigations.
The arty Kingseat shots are from Aimee & Natasha and the house ones are mine.
Counting down the days till my end of year break.
Hoping you all get a little ”recharge” time to do the things you enjoy doing. – Mark

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