Kingseat Hospital Photo Gallery

Take a photographic journey with us through some of the many wards and buildings that make up the Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital.

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  1. Thanks for the pics and investigation.
    Could we perhaps chat a little? I’m curious what, if anything, you have managed to dig up about the place in the way of facts and history. I have a relative who was placed here in the 1960s and this woman was a fucking lunatic for most of her life after that. Everybody alive at the time said she was many times worse after. Naturally I’m quite well read on some of what has come out about these facilities in the States, including their connections to cybernetics and mind control research. I’m trying to find real information online about the place, who worked there? What were they working on, what papers were they publishing, was there psychiatric “research” and experimentation going on? The net is dead on the topic, just the same perfunctory set of facts that have absolutely no substance. I’m beginning to think this might be a journey to the library in Auckland kind of thing.

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