Possible spirit communication at Kingseat Hospital Nurses home, Aka Spookers – April 7th 2013

The Haunted Auckland group returned to the Spookers building at Kingseat to look further into incidents which had happened on the previous investigation sessions, looking for explanations and to gather more evidence of the paranormal activity in this former psychiatric hospital. On the lower level they seemed to be having some to – and – fro interaction with an EMF meter.

The below pieces of audio were gathered during our follow-up investigation on 7th April 2013. The beeping noise that can be heard is an EMF Detector with an audio function which gives a series of beeps. The speed of the beeps gives an indication of the strength of the electro-magnetic field. The detector was held stationary while this audio was being captured.
Fluctuating energy levels could be many things. There are many possible sources of readings. An important one is, of course, electrical equipment and wiring, even if it is not obviously visible. Electrical cables may be in walls, ceilings or under floors. The fields these cables produce may vary a lot depending on electrical loads from equipment that might be some distance away and not visible to investigators. Electromagnetic fields can also be attributed to the Earth’s naturally created geomagnetic fields. Humans also emit a small field of energy.

Whilst all these could be used as argument by sceptics as to what caused the ongoing seemingly ‘intelligent’ and rather precise communications we seemed to be experiencing, we personally do not feel they fit the experiences we had. The replies were bang-on responsive to the questions. The answers were all relevant to the questions asked. When confirmation of each answer was asked for, the confirmation reply was immediate. Even down to the smaller detailed questioning like ‘How many fingers am I holding up?’ And ‘How many men are there in the room?’, ‘How many women are in the room?’ All accurately answered and confirmed, sometimes a second time to be sure.
The team were all witnesses and were all impressed by the accuracy and speed of the apparently replies given to us, via EMF meter connection. As usual we try to keep the questioning and conversations light in topic; asking simple questions like “What is your name?” “Did you work here?”, “Do you enjoy being here?” etc.
We also try to have fun with them as we’ve found in the past that a lighter mood based around friendliness, a light-hearted manner and a caring, sympathetic approach seems to bring in more responses. It’s about letting them know that we mean them no disrespect or harm in being there, that we are there to try to make contact, to learn about them and anyone else that may still reside in the building and to understand their situation and get a feel of what it must have been like in their time.
We try to assure them that we are there to listen to them if they are able, (or want) to talk with us. Have a listen and decide for yourself. Communication? or Coincidence?