Kingseat ”coughing”

Coughing captured in Maximum Security Building 2 by Matthew Tyler who was sitting completely alone in the Maximum Security building whilst the other team members were all in a completely different building, a distance from this one.

Matthew states: I was alone in Villa 16, the Maximum Security building, and I was just about to take a break from monitoring my audio recorder through the headphones, and head back to the Admin building when I heard a distinct, male-sounding cough. To my ears it sounded human, and but I could not specifically tell what direction it was coming from. I remarked out-loud, saying “That’s a cough!” after it was captured on audio. Thinking it may have been one of the team, I went outside and walked back towards the Admin building. The layout of the two buildings, and the fences, is such that anyone leaving would always encounter anyone coming the opposite direction. Arriving at the Admin building, I found that all the team members were accounted for in that building, meaning I was by myself, over 100 meters from any other person when I heard the cough.

Other than possibly a noise made by some sort of animal in the nearby native bush, I can’t explain what would have made the cough.

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