Eckfords Maraetai Homestead – Howick Historical Village- Dec 17, 2011 Session 2 ”White Dress”

Audio Anomalies:

The following audio anomaly was captured 90 minutes into the investigation, within the Eckfords Maraetai Homestead building.

We believe this to be an example of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) as the voice recorded on the digital recorder was not heard by any of the team members present at the time it was captured.
During this session, three male team members were in the building. Mark, being a bit silly, went up to a dressed mannequin and casually said ”nice blue dress”, commenting on the very new-looking period replica blue attire, it was wearing.  Nothing was heard until the audio was reviewed later on.  A clear (though a little ambiguous) reply is heard immediately after Mark’s comment.

One interpretation we heard was ‘‘White Dress”.

When we sent the audio to the village management to listen and offer an opinion, we were surprised to hear that the mannequin had  (just hours before our arrival) had it’s clothes changed by a staff member for cleaning. The mannequin had been wearing a WHITE DRESS!  A spooky coincidence, or possible communication?  You decide.

Below are two samples taken from a 150-second recording at the location. The first sample has not been altered apart from cropping the length to 15 seconds. The second sample has been amplified by 30dB to improve listenability. The audio anomaly or EVP occurs at 10.5 seconds into the sample and appears to be made up of two syllables whispered in a male voice.

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