Haunted Auckland’s Napier Roadtrip & Prison Ghost hunt

The team roadtripped its way back down to the beautiful Hawkes Bay region once again to spend the night at the mighty Napier Prison. We were running a public ghost hunt event that night and when everyone had gone home, we spent the next few hours in investigation mode. It was a long day / night,… Continue reading Haunted Auckland’s Napier Roadtrip & Prison Ghost hunt

Old Napier Hospital – Napier

During the Xmas holidays, Sam from Haunted Auckland took his family for a few days’ stay down in Napier, situated in the beautiful Hawkes Bay region. While he was there he took the chance to visit and photograph the abandoned Old Napier Hospital, which is currently in the process of demolition. Whilst not necessarily haunted, we still… Continue reading Old Napier Hospital – Napier

Mark’s Solo Overnight Stay @ Napier Prison

After a year-long gap, (well, it was only around this time last year, but seems an eternity!) I figured it was time to revisit this intriguing urban fortress. The plan was standard. To spend the entire night, exploring and investigating the entire facility. Documenting everything as I go. Since we drove there, the car was… Continue reading Mark’s Solo Overnight Stay @ Napier Prison

Old Napier Cemetery

In the early 1850s, the Colonial Government in Auckland sent Alfred Domett, District Commissioner of Crown Lands, to oversee the survey and drawing up of a plan for the still-to-be-named port town. It was Domett who proposed the settlement be named Napier after Sir Charles Napier (1782-1853), who successfully led British forces against a large… Continue reading Old Napier Cemetery