Mystery of lights in sky lingers [Hawkes Bay Today]

There has been another siting of strange lights in the night sky in the Hawke's Bay area. The mystery of moving coloured lights in the night skies over Hawke’s Bay continues to deepen with a third sighting since early last month.

Last Saturday night it was Onekawa resident Stephen Carr’s turn to be perplexed by unexpected lights overhead after going outside just after 9pm.

And, as he discovered after calling police, he was not the only one to see them.

“I was outside having a smoke, looking for satellites … and I looked over towards the Taradale hills and saw a bright orange light in the sky,” Mr Carr said.

The light was heading toward the hills, from the east.

He watched as more appeared, in pairs, which eventually resulted in eight lights travelling at what he said was a reasonable speed across the sky, all following the same path before they banked to the left.

His partner and flatmate also saw the lights, and attempted to video them.

“It was just a solid orange light and there was no flickering, no firework type effect or anything it it,” Mr Carr said.

“There was no noise and it was a still night, there were bugger-all clouds in the sky.

“They were moving pretty quick, they weren’t like rockets or anything, it was a good, steady movement.”

He estimated they were in the sky for about eight to 10 minutes.

“I rang the police to see if anybody has reported any strange lights and strangely enough, they’d just had someone ring up about it.

“I just thought it was really odd how they all followed the same sort of flight path.”

He said he believed that given the time and the movement of the lights, other people must have seen them.

In early August Napier man Vaughan Brooks and his family watched as fast-moving red lights crossed the sky from east to west, and a fortnight later a Havelock North couple reported seeing a stream of orange lights travelling across the night sky.

Mr Brooks ruled out the suggestion they could be Chinese lanterns being released as they were moving too fast, and at a time when there was no wind.


  1. Sel thomas

    I saw one large orange bright light coming from the west and moving at some speed for about 10 seconds before dissipating behind a cloud. Very high altitude I would guess. Not a asteroid due to the change in speed I noticed. I have also seen numerous white intermittent flashing lights also at high altitude. I am in napier.
    Sightings over the last 3 days. There are a lot of meterors about but not like these.

  2. David Whitburn

    Last Night I was in our Spa Pool on a clear still night in Tauranga, watching for satellites etc. I also noticed a White Intermittent flashing light in the North Western Sky. Quite bright at times then quite faint, (but may have been due to haze). It moved backwards and forwards at times then made its way North before disappearing over the city lights of Tauranga. It was at a very high altitude and was very sporadic with its course.

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