Haunted Auckland’s Napier Roadtrip & Prison Ghost hunt

The team roadtripped its way back down to the beautiful Hawkes Bay region once again to spend the night at the mighty Napier Prison. We were running a public ghost hunt event that night and when everyone had gone home, we spent the next few hours in investigation mode. It was a long day / night, but well worth it. The team had a great fun day driving there; stopping in at cafes and bars for food, visiting the local cemetery, old Napier Hospital, as well as taking in the sights during the many toilet, food, drink and photo opp stops along the way. A huge thank you to Shannon and Ali at the prison for being so helpful with the event and organising access.  A big shout out to those that attended; especially those that came along and faced their fears. Here’s a selection of photos taken by the team of our journey, a few team frolics and the ghost hunt event. Click on a pic to enlarge and scroll through the gallery. Enjoy!

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