Aimee investigates a haunted quarry with Retford Ghost Hunters UK

Last night (UK time) I went out with the wonderful Retford Ghost Hunters Uk .

A special treat as not only are these peeps very active investigators (going out at least three times per week) but they are from my home town! They made me feel so welcome and at ease…and the location is great!
We drove to a remote spot outside of Chesterfield and set up for the evening. We shared the location for a couple of hours with some lovely folk from the Bat Protection Society; they were there because the location may be demolished to make way for a house in the near future. I was quite pleased to see bats over the evening as hopefully that may mean the location is preserved a little longer…
The team used a range of equipment, getting some great results using sensor lights, rem pods, and the good old cat balls. They also used a couple of apps – Spirit Talker and the PC version of Alice Box… that’s one I’m interested in exploring further on our own investigations. Kate, Ron, and Rachel took part in a deprivation session, something we usually refer to as the Estes method, with good results!
I saw a definite shadow figure blocking out the green laser lights at one point and the briefest of flashes of a person stood to my left side in one of the buildings. That was really clear though so took me by surprise! Michael” popped up again too, the last few times have been at Kingseat and Glenbrook Lookout, I’m keen to know why he keeps on popping up for me at these different locations.
You can watch the stream of our investigation here to see the responses we received from a spirit called John, possibly someone called Arthur and a prankster who likes to joke about colours (refusing to say the correct one). All in all, a great night and I recommend following this team… especially as they are off to the City of Caves (which I posted about last week) for an investigation very soon… it will be amazing! – Aimee

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