Moving chair at Event Cinemas had me quite curious.

Here’s a somewhat interesting one that caught me by surprise today whilst enjoying the 10 am session of the latest Mission Impossible movie.
As I usually do, I write this to document the experience in detail for future reference.

Note: I’m not stating that this was a paranormal event.

Sarah (my wife) and I were at the V-Max 6 Cinema at Albany, on Auckland’s North Shore.

Sunday, July 9th, 2023.
Our seats were C 10 & 11, three rows from the front.

It was a rather quiet session. Those there were sitting at the back half of the cinema. We sat in our usual, preferred seats in the center and within a few rows from the front. We like to sit close for a fuller effect. There was no one to either side of us in our row and the nearest people were a few rows back, directly behind us. No one in the side seating areas.
It was around halfway through the movie, in a quiet moment, that I started to hear the distinct creaking of the automatic seating coming from the left of me. Sarah was sitting on my right. The sounds of a seat being retracted or reclined as someone sits in them.
It became a minor distraction for me, as I kept looking over to see where the sounds were coming from. I could see there definitely wasn’t anyone sitting anywhere near those seats, but the sounds continued. It was either at the end of our row (Row C), or the row below us (B), and I’m guessing probably around 6 or so chairs distance from us. Close enough to hear that the sound was the distinct creaking of a chair.
In one moment, as the scene on the screen lit up the theatre, I glanced over as I heard the creaking and saw a chair right at the right had reclined right back. A few minutes later, in another theatre-lit part, I glanced over and noted the seat was back in its upright position. Looking again upon hearing further sounds and the seat was reclined again. It really did sound like someone was sitting there and adjusting themselves in parts of the film. It happened so often that Sarah, noticing my continual distraction, tapped my arm and asked ”what are you looking at?”
The sounds only lasted about 30 mins in all. Well, about that as it was a loud movie, so I’m unsure as to how long it was going on.
When the movie ended I snapped a few photos on my phone.

I sent an email to the Event Cinema company to enquire about their seating. I figured perhaps the automated seat might have a timer or pressure sensor that allows it to right itself back to its upright position after each session when no one is sitting in it.

Sunday, July 9th, 2:59PM

Hi, I have a rather odd question, but I’m curious to know the answer. The chairs used in Albany’s V Max-6 cinema; are they able to retract or recline without pushing the button? Can they retract or recline without anyone sitting in them or pushing the buttons? Thank you in advance

Their response:

Jul 10, 2023, 8:46 AM
Hi Mark, Thank you for your message. The recliners are controlled with buttons on the seat. They do not recline without these. Kind Regards.

I wanted to confirm a few things, so responded back.

Jul 10, 2023, 9:30 AM
Interesting. Thank you for the reply. So there’s no way the seats can move without the buttons being touched? Not even with a fault in the mechanics or electrical side of them? Just curious as one was moving yesterday further along on my row while at the 10 am session. Thanks, Mark

Their reply

July 10, 2023, 9:40 AM
Hi Mark, They are weight activated, so once you get up after some time the chair will revert back to its usual position. They cant recline back without pushing the buttons though. Kind Regards

While this didn’t give me any full explanation as to how the seat reclined by itself, it gave me something to ponder further on.

These things interest me. I love those little momentary mysteries in life. The ones that have you wondering. The detective work in trying to figure things out. Whether it was something simple, mundane, and normal, or maybe something more intriguing….. if you don’t ask you’ll never know!

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