PumpHouse Theatre Event – August 25th 2023

OK spooky followers, fans, freaks, stalkers, and casual observers….. here’s our usual post-event photo gallery posting. A huge THANK YOU to all the amazing people who came along and really got into the ”spirit” of the night. It always makes the event so much better when those attending have a genuine interest and desire to have a go and look for answers and have an experience or two themselves. You all did amazingly well and it was great seeing a few returns and familiar faces from past event locations.
Always a pleasure to spend time at the historic and intriguing PumpHouse Theatre. We were hearing some pretty incredible reports from people throughout the night. I think we can all agree that there was something quite interesting and special going on last night!
Thanks to our good friends and local paranormalist research duo Marlene & Rob from The Nobodies for collaborating with us and sharing their knowledge and experience.
Do check out their page and keep an eye on them. Was great to hang out with you again, Marlene. Let’s do it again sometime soon!
Bronwyn also did some sterling work with her crystal ball scrying, which was very popular.
So here’s a selection of photos from last night taken by us. Feel free to add your own pics and videos in the comments, or tag yourselves in these to share with friends and family.
If you have any questions about the night, please post them here and we can open some discussion. Enjoy!

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