”What does the Paranormal mean to me?’ – A Worldwide Paranormal Project

Just a reminder for those interested in being included in the Part 2 montage video for ”What does the paranormal mean to me?”. The first one, a montage video featuring 55 Paranormal researchers from teams all over the world, answering one question.
”What does the Paranormal mean to me?”, has been very popular and has been well watched so far.
Due to the requests of many that missed out, there’ll be a Part 2 released in a couple of weeks, so get your clips in fast.
Paranormal teams and researchers, worldwide.
Send me a message for details if you’re keen. Thanks
Here’s the link for the part 1 video. https://youtu.be/6AmWirN4lIw
Hope you’ll get involved.
Keep up the great work everyone.
Network, encourage and support your peers and share your experience and knowledge where you can.
Unite – Educate – Learn – Grow

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