Today is Krampus Day, when many around the world celebrate an entity that appeals to my own twisted tastes more than that over-weight, old, Coca Cola sponsored toy giver.
Krampus (or Krampuslauf) are definitely a thing. The word Krampus derives from the old Germanic word “Krampen” which in English means ‘claw’
Krampus, is a traditional Austrian piece of folklore that tells the tale of a hideous creature who punishes children who have misbehaved throughout the year. This horned half-goat, half-demon entity is often described to have obscenely large horns, a thick furry body, massive hooves and the devil’s eyes. He is often seen wearing and/or carrying baskets full of birch sticks (for whipping naughty children), chains, horse hair and might just breathe fire when you’re least expecting it.
Instead of Santa Claus (St Nicholas) leaving a lump of coal in your stocking when you’re naughty, as in North America, the children of Austria are whipped and punished by these horrific demons that roam the streets early in December. Specifically on December 5th.
Hope all you kids are behaving!

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