Waikumete Cemetery – Auckland

IMG_4443Waikumete Cemetery is New Zealand’s largest cemetery. It occupies a site of 108 hectares in Glen Eden, Auckland.

Waikumete Cemetery was established in 1886 and is the final resting place for over 70,000 people.

The Chapel of Faith in the Oaks was built in 1886 as a mortuary chapel and was used until the larger chapel was built in 1952. It is available for hire for religious services.


Waikumete is home to a number of prominent historical areas including the Erebus Memorial, Holocaust Memorial, NZ Influenza Epidemic memorial and the ANZAC Cenotaph.

Some of the notable people buried at the cemetery include:

Albert Asher (1879-1965), rugby union and rugby league footballer
James Crichton (1879–1961), recipient of the Victoria Cross
Tuna Scanlan (1934-2014), boxer of the 1950s and ’60s
Samuel Shrimski (1828–1902), politician from Oamaru

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  1. becs

    About 3 – 4yrs ago, my partner & I went to our friend’s father’s burial at Waikumeter cemetary. During the time the coffin going into the pit, there was a really cold wind behind & above me & trees whistling swaying back & forth & at the same time I looked at the other end at the cemetary, trees were still … anyway, after the the burial I & my partner with other people around there at the time walked to the other side of the cemetary on our way out & the air was so nice & it was very warm … I looked back where we were standing the trees weren’t moving either but something felt kind of heavy above me. I remember talking to someone what happened & kind of thought nothing just telling how my day was, the guy that I spoked to said back in the days there were about 9 criminals that were hung in the area I was standing where our friend’s father is buried, I thought it was crap but apparently it’s true & up to this day I haven’t forgotten it.

  2. nikki

    my mates and i used to play hide and go seek,run away there we even slept there a couple times,we were about 13-14 years old.one day my friend tash and i were hiding up in a tree from the guys,when we looked down and saw a guy standinding there he had a long black trenchcoat and an old fashioned top hat on,also holding a dog on a lead he was right beneath us.we were scared and yelled out to the boys,when the boys came the man was gone.We didnt think much of it until later wondering how he dissapeared so fast?

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