Voices in the walls

I grew up in an old house in Woodglen Road in Glen Eden and would often feel things and see flashes of light by mirrors as a kid. I just felt stuff and am still sensitive to energies as an adult.

My bedroom was right next to my parents room so when someone was talking in there I could hear muffled voices through the wall. One night when I was around 12 my parents were out and I was looking after my twin brothers. We were all in our beds reading (I could see them in the room opposite mine).

All of a sudden I heard a woman singing in my parents room. I knew this was not my imagination and I knew my brothers and I were alone in the house. I totally freaked out told my brothers to turn their light off and go to sleep and tried to sleep myself. I told my Mum about it the next day. We just called her our friendly lady ghost from then on. I know there was someone other than my family residing there!!

Story contributed by: Leanne G

By Matthew Tyler

Paranormal Investigator and Website Admin for Haunted Auckland. I have been fascinated by the paranormal from an early age and have a keen interest in seeking empirical evidence of phenomena outside the bounds of accepted science.

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    1. Matthew Tyler – Auckland, New Zealand – Number Cruncher, Paranormal Investigator, Weather Enthusiast, Occasional Creator
      Matthew Tyler says:

      This story was submitted by one of our readers. Like many of the other submissions in our True Ghost Stories section, it is an account of events told to us by those who personally experienced it.

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