The Golden Fleece – York, UK

The Golden Fleece is an inn in York, England, which has a pub on the ground floor and four guest bedrooms above. Built in 1503 and claims to be the most haunted public house in York. We booked a room for the night to see if we’d have any luck documenting anything or having an experience of our own. My wife, Sarah is very sceptical and ‘’down to earth’’ on all matters paranormal. This night would prove to perhaps be something of a ‘’game changer’’ for her. Maybe.

There are thought to be fifteen spectres in residence at the hotel, but the most noted of which and the most talked about is Lady Alice Peckett, wife of John Peckett, who used to be the mayor of York and also the owner of the hotel. Many guests have reported seeing Alice wandering the corridors of the hotel, moving furniture around and walking up and down staircases in the small hours of the night.
Another of the ghosts is a Canadian airman who fell to his death from one of the upper windows of the hotel during World War II. After his untimely demise, he took up residence at the hotel as a non-paying guest.
Other ghosts include a man known as One Eyed Jack, who is often seen wearing a 16-17th century red coat and carrying a pistol, in the bottom bar of the pub. He’s joined by a grumpy old man, also regularly seen in the bottom bar, and by a young boy from Victorian times who was trampled to death by horses who are regularly seen in the top bar.
Roman soldiers have also been seen in the cellar of the hotel, which is where dead criminals used to be stored as a temporary measure until their relatives came to identify them.

We went to our room; The Minster Suite, on the top floor and unpacked. I decided to head straight out and explore ‘’The Shambles’’ street, which was just across the road. Sarah chose to just stay in and rest. We’d go to the Shambles again the next day to do some shopping and look around.

Within a few minutes of my leaving the Inn, heading away, I received a rather panicked text from Sarah.

‘’Swear to God I’m sure I just saw a woman in a white nightdress in the bedroom!!!!!!!! Faaaaaarrrrkkkkk creepy!!!!’’

I returned to the hotel soon after and Sarah gave me a good detailed run-down of her experience.
I consider her reaction to this incident very out of character for her, and I know she wouldn’t make things up. Being a mental health professional; rational and sensible thinking is ingrained through years of training and experience. Here is her description of events. I felt it needed to be documented.

‘’After dinner in the pub, I went back to our room and Mark went for another look around the Shambles in the dark. I climbed the rickety stairs and went through the main door to our room. I dropped my handbag and scarf in the lounge room and walked through to the bedroom to sit on the bed and take my shoes off. I sat on the bed looking out the window that looked over The Shambles, then leant forward to untie my shoelaces. As I straightened up, I suddenly became aware of something to the right of me, beside the fireplace of the bedroom. It appeared to be a person in the room wearing white or a light colour. I also had a quick glimpse of darkish grey long hair over the person’s shoulders. I got such a fright and jumped as I thought perhaps a staff member was in our room and I hadn’t noticed her. I jumped and as I turned to look fully at the person they were no longer there. I immediately sent a text to Mark to let him know.’’


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