Chillingham Castle – Northumberland, UK

Located in the heart of Northumberland, Chillingham Castle is known as one of Britain’s most haunted historic castles. This 13th century castle has a rich history of bloody battles, many of which continue to haunt its premises.
From children walled up whilst still alive, to a vast array of tortured souls, many spirits haunt the halls of this ancient castle.
The most well-known ghosts of Chillingham Castle include the ‘Blue Boy’ who haunts the Pink Room of the castle, Lady Mary Berkeley who wanders the halls searching for her husband, and John Sage who is known as the castle’s torturer.
We stayed a night in the Guards Room, and I spent a good few hours roaming the halls and sitting in darkness talking and listening to the chilly air, in the hopes of capturing a response.
Aside from some weird ‘’footstep’’ type sounds and shuffling from darkened corners of the huge courtyard, it was a quiet night. No ”shadow people”, no cups or glasses flying across the room, no touching or scratches, no slamming doors, moving chairs or distant screams that I’ve been hearing about happening so often. Funny that.
Perhaps the amazing activity only occurs during paid Ghost Tour events and documentary filming?
Note that on this night, we were the only people staying in the rooms aside from the couple that run the place.
A very cool castle that’d I’d certainly like to spend more time in. It has an amazing atmosphere, but I’m guessing i’ll have to pay to experience any ”real” paranormal activity’.
I’ll be sure to check back on this intriguing place in a few years. – Mark

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