Dalston Hall – Cumbria, England

Dalston Hall is a fifteenth century manor house a mile outside of the village of Dalston in Cumbria, England
and three miles south west of Carlisle and has been on my ‘’bucket list’’ for some time now. So, we added it to our itinerary and booked a room for a night.

At the last count, there were at least three different alleged ghosts. Room 4 is haunted by a maid who broke her neck falling down the tower stairs.
The minstrel’s gallery in the Baronial Hall is home to a grey lady, dubbed ‘Lady Jane’ by the staff.
A Victorian handyman also stalks the grounds and the huge cellar, apparently.
Guests have reported seeing strange figures out of the corner of their eyes.

Some have heard mysterious laughter and the sound of heavy objects beings dragged across the floor.

Dalston Hall featured in episode six of the sixth series of the Living TV series Most Haunted. Presenter Yvette Fielding commented: “We’ve never been so scared in all the 80 episodes we’ve filmed”.

I spent a good deal of time exploring every room in the building and quite a few late hours just sitting in various rooms, recording and listening; hoping to meet at least one of the four spooky residents. Nothing to report and it was a peaceful and relaxed night.


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