Former Wellington Fever Hospital / SPCA

It was a privilege and thrill to finally get the chance to explore this iconic historic Wellington landmark.

The former Wellington Fever Hospital was designed in 1917 and completed for opening in 1920 to look after patients with infectious diseases and is a rare surviving example of an Isolation Hospital; situated high up on a hill away from the bustle and population. The Hospital has undergone a few name changes through the years; New Fever Hospital, Upper Fever Hospital, The Scarlet Fever Block, the Infectious Diseases Hospital and the Chest Hospital.


I was lucky enough to gain some rare access to the full hospital complex to photographically document every room, in every level, in every building. From the Main SPCA building, to the former Nurses Quarters, the basements, storage areas, office and pet clinic areas.

Joining me on this fine Saturday evening was my Wellington Paranormalist buddy, James Gilberd, a professional Photographer and fellow Paranormal Researcher who has already spent a few nights investigating this location in the past, (with some interesting occurrences – I might add) so was rather keen to get back for a follow-up visit.

The Hospital closed in 1981 and was soon taken up residency by the Wellington City Council as the School of Music.

Due to deterioration through the years the building was seen unfit to be utilised, but had enough historical significance to be re purposed. For a few years the building sat abandoned and unloved, before being snapped up and given new life by the SPCA in 2013 as an Animal Clinic and Pet Adoption centre. The main building has seen a full refurbishment and has been a work in progress through the years, with new additions and improvements every year.

Due to severe decay and timber deterioration rendering it unsafe for entry or usage, the West wing, originally the Fever Hospital Nurses quarters, sits locked up and off-limits to the public; vacant, dusty and unable to be utilised.

Through the years there have been numerous reports of activity experienced within the hospital.  Glowing orbs, apparitions of soldiers, a woman in a flowing gown, people walking the corridors, footsteps, doors slamming, children running and playing, voices heard calling out or talking and objects moving around.

The huge thanks to Manager Roz, for allowing James and I some much appreciated entry to document all of this intriguing building. We look forward to returning for more in-depth investigation in the new year.



THE MORGUE & Beneath Main building storage room areas


  1. Frances Lewis

    I would like to inform u that i used to stay there when i was a kid, it was used as a place to party a family friend reece lived there for many years, me and my brother used to stalk all the corridors and play on the gurneys. i believe its haunted.
    We would stay and sleepover it was pretty cool.

    1. Emma Hollamby

      I also use to hang out here with Reece and these green orbs were probably him and his trippy ass lights coz yea he did like to part hardy. I do wonder where u are now Reece.

  2. Tanya hartvigsen

    I went to school here in the early 80’s. St Patrick’s primary was being renovated so we were bused up and back every school day for about two years. The history of the place was great fodder for our imaginations, we would all scare ourselves witless debating whether the stains on the Lino were iodine or blood lol.
    It was a beautiful old group of buildings and made a great little school, and I have no doubt we tortured the ghosts with our recorder playing sessions!!!

  3. J

    I also went to school here, a year under Tanya Hartvigsen. I remember you always had a a feeling there was something around you but as a kid you didn’t necessarily understand what it was because you couldn’t always see it. We use to play out side in the huge field which was not fenced then and there was a playground with jungle gyms and some of us would also play on the verandas where the white trellises are. You could see underneath the brick building and would get an eerie feeling that people were watching you but they were not visible. Somehow as kids we would joke that dead bodies were in the morgue even though I didn’t know what a morgue was at that age and can’t remember what name we gave it. The hallways were also eerie, like you could feel the past where people were constantly going up and up and down them. I would 100% say there’s spirit there and has been for a very long time. I am now in my 40+ and back then I was in primary school. I hope the spirits take care of the animals there. I’ll always have respect for that building and it’s residents current and long gone.

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