Taniwha Art

As a researcher of Cryptids (mysterious and elusive animals that avoid study), I am fascinated by all rare creatures, be they considered folkloric or flesh and blood. I’m especially interested in lake and sea based cryptids.
The Taniwha, are mythical creatures that sit firmly in Maori culture and tradition. They are highly respected protective guardians of the sea and land; though to others they are dangerous predators and to be avoided. They are said to live in rivers, dark caves, or in the sea, especially in places with dangerous currents.
Thought I’d share a few pics of some stunning Taniwha art, displayed at a couple of schools in Auckland.
The two brightly coloured Taniwha murals depicting two different water creatures from Maori folklore; Kaiwhare and Mokoroa, are displayed proudly at Waikowhai Primary School in Hillsborough, Auckland and were painted by Miss Daly and some Year 4 students.

A brilliant stone Mokoroa sculpture wall stands guard near the entrance of Henderson Valley school, in West Auckland.

If anyone knows of any other Taniwha / water creature art or sculptures around New Zealand, please let us know.

Or better still, snap a pic or two and send them in.


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