Sometimes being the kid of a paranormal investigator can be tough!

Sometimes being the kid of a paranormal investigator can be tough!
My 10-year-old Kaia, has been convinced that our house is haunted for the past month or so. She keeps on saying doors are opening and closing curtains moving and she is hearing taps etc. So last night she heard tapping (and I did too) but couldn’t locate where it was coming from – I suspect either the cat or mice in the ceiling. She goes to bed and asks me to check the wardrobe. I check one side, move the clothes “all fine”… then I go to the other side, reach in the move the clothes, and then scream and act as if something has pulled me into the wardrobe. She freaked, screamed, and farted in shock at the same time. I nearly wet my pants laughing. I know I am a terrible parent! However, the story doesn’t end there…
I put her to bed and turned out the light and a few minutes later she told me the curtains were rustling and moving (I think its gravity as they were partially stuck on the window sill and the windows were shut). I tell her it’s nothing but she insists. So I put the EDI in her room and tell her about temperature fluctuations and the only light she needs to be aware of is … and she interrupts “The blue ones, yeah I know”… smart kid. She comes through several minutes later and says she can’t sleep with the EDI and it’s making her anxious in case the light comes on – do I have anything else that can keep her safe?
Cue, the crystals. So I give her my blue “communication” stone. I tell her its to communicate with her spirit guides/animals. I tell her to hold it in her hand until it’s warm, with her eyes closed and breathing slowly, then put it under her pillow, close her eyes and eventually she will start to see shapes of faces and animals and that will be her spirit guides. She seems happy with that. Ten minutes later she calls out down the hall “Muuuuum? Can spirit guides be objects?” … I’m like … “er… not that I am aware of, why?” And she said “Cos when I close my eyes, all I keep seeing is a toaster”… I just about wet myself with laughter… my kid and her spirit toaster… keeping her safe from droughts and gravity… never a dull moment in our house! -Aimee

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