Short Film: Maher-Gallagher Cottage – Howick Historical Village

Haunted Auckland have spent a few years researching the various buildings within the Howick Historical Village, a living museum in Auckland, New Zealand.
In our time there the Haunted Auckland team have experienced and documented some intriguing activity.

From recorded voices, unusual EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) and temperature fluctuations, the distinct sound of footsteps above in the attic and a few out-of-the-ordinary sounds of what we thought at the time was movement. In Puhi Nui Homestead we documented a torch that was ”thrown” down the stairs in the early hours.
This short film focuses of the Maher-Gallagher Cottage, (formerly the Carter Cottage) and compiles cell phone footage filmed during a visit during the 2021 Xmas holidays by Haunted Auckland founder, Mark Wallbank, who has a life long association with the village, witnessing it’s construction from day one as a young child, living nearby.

”As a young boy I would scramble though the overgrown bush and sneak into the village at night. The buildings had only just started to be brought onto the site. They were without windows and doors, so I’d sneak in and sit for hours by myself. I had a small camera, a torch and a tape cassette recorder; always in hope I’d meet a ghostly former resident that hadn’t yet left and we would chat.”

Interesting note: One of the Haunted Auckland team members, Barbara, has family connections to the Maher-Gallagher Cottage and we hope to gather further information and memories from family members about this wonderful little abode.


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