Poltergeist books – Part 1

Reading means learning, and learning is very important in this field. If you want to advance and maybe even begin to understand or make sense of this world of mystery, you need to absorb information. More importantly, information from those actually out there in the field doing the hands-on research; the experimenting and the documenting. The analysis, the thought process. First-hand experiences. The detective-work.
One aspect of the paranormal that has always fascinated and intrigued me since childhood, is the Poltergeist phenomenon.
On my first day off work for the Xmas break, I thought I’d try and put a little order into the personal library in my very cramped ”haunted” room. (or ”Mad Hoarder’s” room, as the wife calls it)
What’s the best way to organise a library like this? Keep it simple with just alphabetical? In topic / genre? UFOs/Cryptids/Ghosts/Psychic phenomenon…assorted various?
Those with books….. help!

In the meantime, here’s a few of my favourite books covering the Poltergeist subject. Are there any missing I should look out for? Recommendations?- Mark

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