The Pink Lady of Greencastle

ohare-pink-lady-greencastle-ghost-112012aGuy Winters is a man who had had few paranormal experiences in his life. That is until one fateful evening when a few of his friends rocked up at his house and convinced him to go ‘spooking’….

His friends had just been to the ruin of the O’Hare Mansion in Greencastle Indiana, and had had several unexplainable experiences. Guy, upon reflecting on his own experience, decided it sounded like a intriguing way to spend an evening.

Guy Winters and his friends descended upon the old mansion. Built in the 1800’s the triple bricked multi story home was built by the O’Hare family and several generations of their descendants had called it home.

The building out of use for several decades is surrounded by a unkempt tree hedge line and is only accessible via a gated driveway. Permission was sought from the owners as Guys friends had spent several occasions on the property searching out the resident spirits.

That night all present had experiences of a potentially paranormal kind. Many had seen a apparition pass through a hallway and ‘ghostly mist/vapour’ was recorded on video camera.

Guy took many photos of the building that night including the upstairs floors where he was the only one game enough to venture. Guy remembers a eerie, almost sick feeling as he took several of the shots and a strange pulsing in his head.

After Guy had his photos developed he was shocked to find several ghostly images. The apparitions were not visible at the time the photos were taken but are clear to see.

A gold lady was visible in the lower floor bay window. A heavily translucent figure in pink is seen in the back doorway.

But most impressive is ‘The Pink Lady’ who was captured on three consecutive frames in one of the second floor bedroom windows. Between each photo the figure has moved and three different poses are caught.

On analysis the images are in fact present on the negatives and no evidence of tampering has been found.  Guy took the photos to a local TV station who ran a quick piece on the pictures and the events. It was through this that Guy was able to meet one of the descendants of the O’Hare family. The lady, named ‘Mary’, took along several family photos to her meeting with Guy. Mary was able to recognise her mother, Irene O’Hare, as being ‘The Pink Lady’.

The window the image was captured in was her mothers bedroom window. She also believed the lady in pink seen in the back door to be her aunty Vera O’Hare.

No one is sure who the gold apparition is but a mystery is always something good to preserve.

Guy and his photos appeared on several television shows and documentaries including ‘Worlds Scariest Ghosts Caught on Tape’ and ‘My Ghost Story’.

Although the O’Hare Mansion was demolished by the owner of the land it was built on (for another corn field or to keep out ghost hunters and thrill seekers) Guy believes he can still feel the presence of Irene O’Hare every time he drives past the area.greencastle_fotos
What do you think?  Were the O’Hare sisters still present within the building?  Or is it something else either mundane or more mysterious?

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