George Adamski and the Venusians


In 1952, contactee George Adamski took this photograph of a ‘Venusian’ Scout Craft. The close up shows more detail of a UFO than ever before seen. Adamski, who claimed to have been in direct contact with an alien being, took the photo through a telescope after one such contact.
Does the photo show a vehicle from another world? Was George Adamski in contact with beings not of this planet?

Shaking Hands with a Space Man

George Adamski.

In  December 1952, Polish born American Citizen George Adamski had a very  close encounter of the alien kind. This was not the first of such  encounters with the ‘Venusians’ (a race of beings indistinguishable from  humans living on Venus), but it was the most famous of the contacts,  due to the photograph he took of their ship.   Soon after, Adamski wrote a book about his contacts with the Venusians,  and on the day of release ‘The Argus’ (Melbourne) ran the following  story: AUTHOR VOWS HE SHOOK HANDS WITH SPACE MAN London, Wednesday A book by an American who swears he met a flying saucer man from outer space is on the bookstalls today.   Writer-philosopher George Adamskl says a space man stepped out of a  saucer shaped scoutship fresh from Venus and gave him a mysterious  message for the people of the earth. The space man was a friendly little fellow, he says. For an hour they “talked” by telepathy about the universe, and he touched the space man’s hand. The space man touched down in the Californian desert, and Adamski says he took seven snaps of the saucer. But the space man wouldn’t let himself be photographed. In a soft, musical voice he told Adamski he came from Venus, where they are disturbed about our atomic “booms.”   Adamski’s account of this meeting and of another on December 13 – when  his space man dropped a strange photograph and a symbolic message that  experts have so far tried in vain to translate – takes up some 50 pages. Adamski says the Venusian revealed: “People like us live on other planets. They visit the earth. “They do not land in populated areas, because they fear violence. They believe in a creator.” Argus Service. Adamski  had become well known as a ‘contactee’: someone who had been in contact  with extraterrestrials, but his book and the world famous photograph,  gained him notoriety and a bucket load of criticism.

The Scout Ship

Adamski’s famous photograph of the scout ship.

Adamskis  first experience took place in 1946, during a meteor shower. It was on  one October evening that he and witnesses say they saw a cigar shaped  ‘mothercraft’ pass in front of the moon. In 1950 Adamski took a  photograph, showing six UFO’s flying in formation. This photograph has  been utilised in several publications, including a 1978 stamp to  commemorate the Year of UFO’s. It was in 1952 that Adamski had  his closest encounter, when a scout ship landed, and a Venusian named  ‘Orthon’ made direct contact via telepathic means. Orthon warned Adamski  of the dangers of nuclear war, and several other doomsday predictions.  Although Orthon would not allow his photo to be taken, Adamski was able  to take the famous ‘Scout Ship’ photo when Orthon returned several weeks  later. George Adamski wrote several books, became a very  popular man, and was received by many very famous and important people,  including Queen Julianna of the Netherlands and (according to Adamski)  Pope John XXIII, where he received a Golden Medal of Honour for his  services in acting as a medium between humanity and the  extraterrestrials. He was also on business from the extraterrestrials,  who had a cure for the Pope, who was suffering gastric enteritis. The  Pope was dead three days later… some cure! Adamski went on  several trips throughout the solar system with the Venusians, and  greeted other races from our other local planetary bodies. This  conglomerate of races and peoples he termed ‘Space Brothers’.

Critics Say Adamski is a Fraud!

Smaller ships in formation around the mother ship.

Adamski  had his critics, and the criticisms really started up once Adamski  released the close up photo of the scout craft. The main criticism comes  from how Adamski took the photo. He had used a Kodak Brownie box camera  and a six inch telescope. Adamski described his process for taking the  photo which involved a lot of precise, separate manipulations, all of  which would have caused slight vibrations making a clear photo a very  hard thing to capture. Then there is the object itself. Many  claim to have recognised pieces of the craft as being rather mundane  household and commercial business items.

These include lamp shades, ping  pong balls, the top of an ice machine, a street light… the list goes  on. One of Adamskis colleagues also stated he had seen one of the models used to fake the photographs.   However, there were many experts in the field of photography who at the  time said that if the image was faked it is the best fake they had ever  seen. Adamski died of heart attack in Maryland in 1965 at the  age of 74.

Regardless of whether he was a fraud or not, he is still  remembered as the most famous contactee of the 1950’s.

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