Patient Seventeen – Documentary – 2017.

Patient Seventeen – Documentary – 2017.
Alien abductions and the idea of extraterrestrial inference within our planet and population, via mysterious rare metal-based implants being inserted into the ”victims”, have fascinated me since childhood.
Roger Krevin Leir (March 20, 1935 – March 14, 2014) was an American podiatric surgeon and Ufologist, best known as an investigator and specialist surgeon of alleged alien implants.
I’ve been following Dr. Leir’s work for many years.
He was a pioneer in his field and well respected by many, whilst scoffed at by cynics.
This film is a documentary about the extraordinary beliefs of otherwise ordinary people. A surgeon claims he has the ability to remove highly advanced, nonhuman nanotechnology implants designed to manipulate the human race from people’s bodies.
“Patient Seventeen” chronicles the final surgery of Dr. Leir.
In an effort to shed light on the mystery of supposed “off-world implant technologies,” filmmaker Jeremy Corbell tagged along with Leir and the anonymous Patient Seventeen – who Corbell described as “just your average guy”- as they prepared for the surgical removal and analysis of a small piece of mysterious metal that was found to be embedded in Patient Seventeen’s shin.
It’s quite an incredible watch, that Roger himself never got to see, due to his untimely passing, soon into the filming process.
Preconceived ideas are shaken, whilst a lifelong religious faith is stretched to uncomfortable limits.
The analysis and final conclusions surrounding the item removed from ”patient seventeen” are quite shocking and will definitely provoke thought. Thought, and a truckload of questions!

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