Paranormal NZ – Podcasts and You Tube fav’ channels 2022

Social media, we all get into it in some form these days. Be it discussion communities, video channels, podcasts… Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat…. there are so many choices.
The paranormal is all over all of those mentioned above.
We have a few; F.B, Insta, and a video channel.
There’s so much out there on the World Wide Web that it’s almost overwhelming at times.
In the coming weeks, we thought we’d highlight each team member’s favorite Top 5 video channels or podcast recommendations. Check them out if you haven’t already and in return, we’d like to hear your fav go-to video channels or podcasts.
What are you watching or listening to online these days for your paranormal fix?

Here are Natasha’s hit pic channels….

⦁ Nukes Top 5 –
⦁ Unexplained Mysteries –
⦁ Anne & Renata Frightfully Good (Ghost Grannies) –
⦁ Katrina Weidman –
⦁ Destination Declassified –
⦁ Missing Person Mysteries –

Sam’s Top 5 preferred podcasts
(In no particular order)

⦁ Real-Life Ghost Stories podcast
Real-life ghost stories is a podcast dedicated to all things paranormal with a mixture of in-depth episodes relating to well-known (and some not-so-well-known) paranormal events throughout history and the world as well as mini episodes where the host “Emma “will read and comment on listener submissions. Each episode usually begins with Emma’s recommendations and review of paranormal-related horror movies so there’s really something for everyone with many areas covered here. Episodes are released every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday and run anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes, so there’s always something new to listen to if you subscribe to this one.

⦁ Richard Syrett’s Strange Planet.
Formerly “Conspiracy Unlimited with Richard Syrett”. Perhaps one of the closest things we’ll ever get to Art bell on the airwaves again. And as it so happens Richard does occasionally fill in as host for Coast to Coast radio, so if you like paranormal with a side of conspiracy this one is definitely for you. With an array of guest speakers, there’s always something interesting to listen to here with each episode. Whether you agree with the topic or not (and tonally sometimes I’m sure Richard can identify the whack jobs) everyone has their fair say and makes their contribution to the topic at hand and offers an insight into a huge back catalogue of topics that’ll whet just about any paranormal enthusiasts appetites from Ghosts to Aliens to Cryptids. New episodes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday all running at just under an hour(with some interviews running over numerous episodes)with extra episodes if subscribing to Patreon is your thing.

⦁ Internet Urban Legends
Otherwise known as “IUL”. I have to be honest and say this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but give it a chance and you may end up hearing what I hear. Hosted by Alt model/influencers Loey lane and Eleanor “snitchery” Barnes, and putting plenty of focus on trending internet urban legends Such as “Jeff the killer”, “Momo, “Slenderman” and “The Back rooms” and many other current paranormal “trends” that are appearing on current social media. You may think it’s all kid’s stuff, but if you’re anything like me and live with a teen that’s also into paranormal and want to keep up with whatever it is that kids are into these days then you may be interested in checking this one out. As I say it’s not for everyone but personally I find it relevant to keep up to date with what people are believing and talking about and especially with a backstory and honest investigation into the origins this podcast is definitely worth keeping an eye on – In my opinion paranormal stories do evolve and maybe it’s worth keeping an ear to the ground.

⦁ Corner of the Void
Shout out to a homegrown Kiwi podcast on the list. Hosted by Nat and Stef and covers both tales of paranormal and true crime stories. Each episode is an honest take on the topic there are a few episodes dedicated to tales that happened here in our land of the long white cloud. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any new episodes since boxing day 2020 but there are 29 episodes there worth listening to and hey – if you’re reading Ladies perhaps it’s time to dust off the old microphones. Each episode runs for just under an hour.

⦁ Occams Razor Podcast
Ok….maybe a shameless plug, as myself and a few members of H.A have appeared in a number of episodes, but I can tell you the episodes here are well worth the listen and It’s another entry into the homegrown – kiwi made podcast category. Topics range from Ghosts to UFOs to conspiracy theories and even Cryptids.
Hosted By Jim Birchall and ranges from many different topics and guest speakers throughout the paranormal community both in NZ and abroad. All episodes are roughly an hour long and new episodes are updated regularly.

Honorable mentions….
Unsolved Mysteries
Based on the hit tv series, but mostly true crime with a dash of paranormal – but if you like the show you’ll like the podcast. Episodes are updated every Wednesday during their current seasonal run.

All of the podcasts mentioned here are based on my Spotify listening habits, but what many aren’t aware of (as it doesn’t seem to be well advertised yet) is that Spotify has a sub-app (for lack of a better term) called “Spotify live”. It’s a separate app where as a listener you can listen to podcasts live, comment on and join in as a speaker on select live streaming and recorded podcast episodes. Of which Popspiracy, Campfire stories by Twogirlsoneghost would be my top pics so far.

Here are Aimee’s Top 5 current podcasts…

1. True Hauntings – I’ve made no secret of how much I adore these 2 ladies!
Their show covers haunted locations around the world, discussing the history and the ghost encounters there. Then Anne and Renata make a call about whether they believe it’s a truly haunted location or not…. and I love it when they say it’s not, as often that’s what we are all thinking – Amityville anyone?
2. Haunted Histories – Penny G Morgan interviews historians, comedians, paranormal investigators, and skeptics alike on this very informative UK-focused show. I love this podcast as Penny is a true historian and you always learn a bit (or a lot!) of history as you listen.
3. Haunted Road – Amy Bruni covers some of the most infamous locations in the USA including Alcatraz, Tombstone, and Lizzie Borden’s house. Her podcasts are extremely well researched and detailed. They also include interviews with those who are linked to the locations which makes them even more fascinating.
4. Dead Souls Social Club – This podcast covers a huge range of subjects including Skinwalker Ranch, Ed & Lorraine Warren, D.B. Cooper, the Enfield Poltergeist, and many more. It also covers in detail their own very scientific paranormal investigation…I was hooked as they recounted their real-life experience!
5. History by Hollywood – Each episode focuses on a particular movie and they talk about how accurate historically the movie is. Some of my favourite episodes include the coverage of Dunkirk, The Dambusters, and Bonnie and Clyde.

BONUS – Paranormal Activity with Yvette Fielding – this just gives me flashbacks of watching Most Haunted as a young twenty-something.
Yvette is her typical energetic self, talking about various themes such as trigger objects, past life regression, tarot cards etc. This is great ‘light’ listening!¬¬¬-5pvHjT6oWzCM8?si=69fb4a43dbd04d17

Mark’s current fav’ You Tube channels…

  • Small Town Monsters – Big fan of this hard-working independent U.S based documentary production company that regularly releases some very well-put-together films of their adventures out in the field looking for the elusive Sasquatch and its regional cryptid relatives. Released in the Spring of 2015, “Minerva Monster” was the first film in the series and explored strange occurrences in 1970s Minerva, Ohio.
    Each video focuses on small town folklore, with the team painting a full picture through the words and experiences of those who were most affected by them – residents and witnesses.
    Each episode documents a trip out into the wilderness which could be for a couple of days or a week. Camping out, and treking out deep in the hopes of encountering something of Interest. I love these guys because they don’t exaggerate or inflate the stories.There’s no faking and often times nothing happens, but the boys have fun out in the wilderness anyway, which can lead to some entertaining episodes. There are some good in-depth interviews and first-hand anecdotes from witnesses. It’s well edited and the quality is great, with a big selection of cameras being used. From 4K filming, to grainy infrared nightshot, to thermal imaging, Nightvision and drones etc, all pulled together to really show the detail and effort they put into properly recording every move and anything that might occur during each trip.
  • The Ouija Brothers – UK-based boys, Ste, and Griff head out to abandoned locations and many of the most allegedly haunted locations around the UK. They release a new video every couple of weeks. The format is simple but works well. Just two guys, with two 4K cameras, a camera lamp each, a K2 meter, and a phone app or Spirit Box to play around with. They make no secret that they are both quite skeptical of these gadgets, but use them in the name of open-mindedness and (I’m guessing here) because they are popular, and the audience like to see something happen. The editing is top notch and the episodes flow well.
    There’s a disclaimer at the start, stating the video ”may contain no paranormal activity”, which I wish more teams would do. Each session is what it is. If nothing happens, so be it. Nothing is fabricated, overdubbed, or set up. They are open about how much they know of a building and do their best to debunk as things happen. I love their honesty and banter whilst they wander around in the dark. These guys are way cooler than Zak in my book. I’d have a beer with them!
  • Dead Cold Paranormal – A relative newcomer to the world of paranormal You Tubing, Mark Bonar, aka Dead cold Paranormal visits some fantastic UK locations of varying notoriety and building size, to look into the ghostly stories and hopefully encounter and film a few snippets of activity for himself. Mark gives a good rundown of the location history and his investigation style is relaxed, non-ego driven, and honest. No suitcases of pointless gadgets; just a camera and a few basics to work with. Sometimes simple and low-key truly is the better approach, in my opinion.
  • Erwin Saunders – I stumbled on this channel purely by chance a few years back and have loyally stuck to it since. While I’m fascinated by all things paranormal and otherwordly, I’m often considered a bit too much of a skeptic, sometimes. However, at the risk of tarnishing my staunch need for ”documentable and verifiable evidence to believe” status, I will say that I have always held a soft spot for the idea of ”little people” and forest dwellers. Not so much fairies, but more like pixies and forest ”beings”. I’ve followed the folklore from many countries and cultures concerning these little folk, and it’s totally fascinating to me and I do like the idea of their existence and quietly hope they are proven true.
    Has Erwin Saunders, a genially bumbling “ethereologist” captured conclusive evidence of England’s faery folk in a series of quietly-uploaded Youtube videos? or is this all just a well-presented fantasy story?
    This channel has quite a few videos documenting Erwin’s English woodland adventures seeking out the pixie people and sharing his footage and level of accumulated knowledge.
    An extravagantly bearded man in a camouflage hat, Erwin is featured awkwardly explaining his 25-year hobby of tracking and cataloging “wilderness folk” – in particular, the “Morsu Pixies”, since 2017.
    The Morsu, are about ten inches high, with grey-ish skin, and have a whole culture that is completely transfixing. We would assume it’s just CGI, but it’s so beautifully filmed and the pixies do actually look quite convincing and appear they could actually be living and breathing in those dense and lush surroundings. Escapism and a little moment of ”belief” are completely acceptable. It’s actually quite a therapeutic, but addictive watch!
  • Are you Haunted? – Another rare breed of honest, non-sensationalist, and down-to-earth doco series creators is the team from Are You Haunted? Headed by Phil Whyman and his wife Sara and a team of investigators. Phil is probably best known for his part in the legendary popular British paranormal TV series, Most Haunted, and the paranormal reality television program Scream Team.
    The team uses a back-to-basics investigation style with very minimal gadgets, no fakery, or hokey shock/scare tactics to bring out a sensible and thoughtful style of paranormal investigation that is conducted in a patient and calm manner. Observation and documentation are key for this team. Debunking where possible and digging for alternative, more plausible explanations, instead of the status quo of pandering to a (let’s face it) generally naive audience. Not bowing to the corporates and shonky gadget market, Are You Haunted? investigate some very intriguing locations in their search for answers. If you want a good, old-school investigation, with no fluff and silliness, but with some quality production standards, I’d add this series to your ”Must watch” list.
  • My Bonus Channel is The Paranormal Network. A full channel that covers the whole spectrum; from ghost hunting to cryptids and everything in between. There is something for everyone and I was surprised to see that many of the investigation videos featured were down-to-earth and done with intelligence and common sense. Entertaining as well as educational. Worthy of a browse.


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