Of parrots, trolls and sheep…

eTbCtiajThere are many researchers out there in this world, but only a small handful within each paranormal field; be it ghosts, UFOs or Cryptozoology, that I would give serious credence to. All have one thing in common; they aren’t armchair researchers.

These people actually go out and spend their time looking for answers, instead of just blindly parroting what they are told to believe by someone else.

But, as there are many ‘armchair researchers’ out there; there are possibly double that in ‘armchair sceptics’.

Those that will say defiantly, that something doesn’t exist, isn’t out there, can’t happen, and will never be. Their thought process, or evidence to back up such overly ignorant statements? Zilch. They are correct, because they read it somewhere, or heard it from another sceptic, who heard it from another….and when you reach back into he sceptical timeline, to find the originators of such supreme wisdom, what do we find?

A person, or small circle of people, that have never looked, never spent time in the field, never listened to interviews/ testimonials/ discussions and presentations from those that have first- hand knowledge and experience with these things. Never isolated themselves from civilisation and material things and very seldom step away from their computer screens. Egotistical ignorance, arrogance and utter laziness, to my mind.

These people have actually convinced themselves that everything is known. Nothing is left to learn. Everything can fit into a specific catalogued cubby hole. Every inch of the planet has been explored, every animal is known. We know everything about the apparently infinite number of universes (even though we’ve never been to them), everything has a human – logic based explanation for being. Everything since time began has been explained. Science is fact and all knowledge.

Anything outside of that….if it ain’t fitting that little proverbial box, it doesn’t exist and can’t exist. Yet, as above, I ask again, what do they base all this on?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to defend myself and my life’s research from these anonymous keyboard warriors / trolls. I’ve been called deluded and crazy. Accused of spreading false information, false ideas and circulating untruths and disinformation. The words ‘flogging a dead horse’ has risen many a time. I’ve been told I should stop researching the paranormal. That I shouldn’t be wasting my time looking into such things. That it’s all just rubbish and I should give up.

Why? Why would I give up on something that I find fascinating? Something that has given me a lifetime of enjoyment.

The intrigue is too strong for me to give up. I’ve experienced things in my time doing this that I can not explain. Things that have really rocked me. I see these experiences as personal challenges. Who doesn’t like a good detective mystery?

Perhaps they’re scared of being proven wrong? Perhaps their egos are so inflated, yet so fragile, that for a lowly uneducated peasant like myself to stumble upon evidence that shakes their beliefs, would be too much to handle? Perhaps people like myself, and the thousands of others like me, scare people like them?

And what do all these people have in common? They are ALL armchair sceptics.

Never been out in the field. Never looked. Never spent time in the field, never listened to interviews/ testimonials/ discussions and presentations from those that have first hand knowledge and experience with these things, never isolated themselves from civilisation and material things and very seldom step away from their computer screens.

I have my own personal evidence that what I do is valid and worth while. Sure, a lot of it is anecdotal, but so what? I’m not in this to prove ghosts, cryptids or extraterrestrials exist to the world. The world can do their own research and find out for themselves. My journey is a personal one. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I go where my research leads me. I learn as I experience. I’m in no hurry to find answers. What’s the rush? I’m enjoying the trip too much to come to conclusions just yet. Critical thinking does have it’s place.  Healthy scepticism is good. Though if one is OVERLY critical, then perhaps they might be missing the bigger picture?

I say don’t be a blind sheep. Open your eyes, ears and minds. Read books covering differing thoughts and theories. Listen to what those out in the field have to share, and get yourself outside for a bit. Spend time in places past experiences have occurred.

Ask questions and think for yourself. Let the research continue I say!

Disclaimer: These are my own personal thoughts only. No one has told me to say this. I’m not trying to impress anyone or any group by saying this. I thought of it all by myself. (Sarcasm? maybe…)

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