Newcastle Ghost Stories – Book by Renata Daniel

13177667_10153063039372168_5222824848856457822_nWhen I travelled over to Aussie recently for the Paracon event weekend, my suitcase weighed in at 26 kgs. That’s 3 kgs over the New Zealand legal limit. Most of that weight was my own books, in a box, to be sold (hopefully) at the Paracon bookstore. I sold a good few, which was awesome; but on reaching the airport check-in counter to head back home, my suitcase again weighed more than the legal requirement! 26 kgs, again? Why? I’d off-loaded quite a few good kgs of printed dead trees to the keen, info-hungry paranormalist Aussies.

Reason, I’d picked up a few more book goodies from the para-tables, laden with a juicy assortment of paranormal books, Ghosthunters International t-shirts and Bobbleheads… yes, Bobbleheads.

I’ll endevour to write up a little something when I find time to get through them all. Chuffed to pick up some real goodies though. The newer Thylacine collab’ book from Mike Williams and Rebecca Lang and a host of other very knowledgeable cryptid researchers, looks like a good read !

Well, on the final day of Paracon (boo!) as the last few minutes fizzled and the tired but happy crowds parted ways and the packing up began, I finally got to meet Renata Daniel for a quick hug, chat and mutual book sign / swapsie. Glad to grab an autographed copy of Renata’s new book Newcastle Ghost Stories. A sequel of sorts, to her very successful part one book, which I missed out on. Here’s hoping there’ll be a reprint of that one. Hint hint…

Renata is an avid paranormal researcher and also runs the very popular and award winning, Newcastle Ghost Tours which was established back in 2010. She has worked privately as a psychic for over 17 years, is a Reiki practitioner and psychic reader and has been conducting classes in basic psychic development for the past five years.

Inside, a well collected and compiled assortment of author and reader contributed stories, news articles, personal experiences and opinions. The cases are fascinating and date back from as far as the late 1800’s, through to present day. I’m quite intrigued by the Mayfield poltergeist entries mentioned here; also researched heavily in Paul Cropper’s brilliant book, Australian Poltergiest. There’s also a good account of Australia’s first recorded ghost incident, The Fisher’s Ghost. It begins with a concise summation of the ghost hunting field in Australia, and some of the different theories abound, about the forms a ghost might exist in, if they do in fact exist. Considering its rather content specific title, this book covers more ground than the title might let on.

All up, a well put together, tidy, easy to read book and highly recommended to anyone living in Australia with an interest in their spooky histories, or just anyone worldwide with a penchant for a good fireside ghost story.

Pick up your copy here…

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