Movie Review: The Devil on Trial Documentary. 2023

Disclaimer: This opinion might trigger some. It is based on my own personal opinion and does not reflect that of my team.

Just watched this very good new documentary on Netflix, that shows the raw and real behind the scenes backstory of the events that were played out on the Conjuring movie; The Devil made me do it. If you’re one that holds Ed and Lorraine Warren and all they were and stand for, in high regard, you might need a reality check….. or maybe just ignore this post and documentary entirely. Your call.
The Devil On Trial, uses some nicely filmed re-enactments and actual home videos to investigate the apparent possession of a young boy and the brutal murder that followed. It focuses on the real events, and not towards the weak sham that is the “The Devil made me do it” argument. It also displays the harsh reality of religious fanaticism and how a blind faith or devotion, coupled with weaknesses, can be manipulated into a form of hysteria, to suit an agenda.
The audio recordings are very telling. As are the many Polaroid photographs included. The testimonials from the Glatzel family members are fantastic. Open and seemingly honest in their telling.

For once a doco shows what many out there have already known about the Warrens, for years. Well, not EVERYTHING, but I’m sure THAT side will come out on film eventually.
The documentary lays down the story timeline as it happened and takes us through the supposed paranormal events, to create some balance and transparency, before bluntly exposing the fabrication.
Here the Warrens are shown as the frauds and manipulators they truly were. Also clearly shown here is the emotional and psychological manipulation used in this case. The power of suggestion, abuse, and blatant unfounded misinformation that was fed to the family, which in turn, played its part in the ensuing tragedies.
Watch to the end, as the story gets darker, yet clearer as the agenda unfolds.
This is one documentary I’m sure the Warrens and all their devoted minions will not want shown.

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