Lake House Art Centre – Weekend morning visit

Spent a little time this morning at one of our favourite ongoing research locations, the Lake House Art Center.
Well, I was planning on doing a little drone photography of the building, but this was cut short. As soon as the drone was up, it was dive-bombed by two massive and very aggressive magpies that were perched up on one of the towering floodlight posts on the playing field.
After a couple of mid-air shunts, I decided to not risk damage and to land the drone and try a different area.
Once on the ground the drone was repeatedly swooped and bashed into. Those birds didn’t want that thing around!
So I picked it up and started walking back over to the Lake House.
Which ended up as a mad sprint, as the magpies had decided they’d take me down as well!
One swoop, one of them whacked into the back of my head.
They weren’t playing around!
So I gave up and went in for one of the Lake House Cafe’s delish coffees and grabbed a couple of their fresh scones to take home.
While I waited, I had a wander around and snapped off a few photos.
Not sure if our little friend “Patty” was watching, but I made a point to call out “Hi Patty!” a couple of times, just in case.
Looking forward to the next session there.
– Mark

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