Lake House Art Centre – Session Oct 30th 2023

This was one of many return visits to this very intriguing location, which we have been researching for a few years now. This one proved to be yet another interesting night with a few moments that had us questioning what we thought we knew.
We’re quite hopeful with this place, as it seems to be giving us little bits of activity to work on with each session.
Even more exciting to us is that all the “activity”, ie sounds of small running footsteps, small sized shadows seen often by multiple investigators and staff, playful interactions with our toys, gadgets and apparent answers to our questions, all seem to lean towards whatever is there being a child. All that we’ve experienced in our few years there, seem to tie in very nicely to all the stories we’ve heard of a young girl that is seen there. On the stairs and upper floor. Is this “Patty”?
It was just Mark, Sam, and Aimee for this one. Joining us for this session was our young investigator friend, Cooper, and Aimee’s budding investigator-in-training daughter, Kaia.
A huge thank you once again to the amazing Lake House Art Centre management, for their trust in us and for allowing us this generous ongoing research access, to do our thing.

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