Linear Hauntings

Linear HauntingCould the many sightings of ghosts in the one location actually be the appearance of the one entity?

For example:

A couple move into a house and keep a diary of the events they deem to be paranormal, amongst their notes are lines such as:

  •  “A baby is heard crying at random times.”
  •  “A young girl,playing with her dolls, heard laughing, seen running down the hallways…”
  •  “A teenage girl, often seen in a bathroom mirror, looking at herself.”
  •  “A twenty something young lady, crying uncontrollably over a lost child or loved one.”
  •  “An old lady,dressed in her Sunday best, seen looking out the front window of the house, as if waiting for someone who never comes.”

In a timeline of linear hauntings, a residual haunting of the one spirit appearing in many different stages of life is indeed a possibility. The “photographic memory” aspect of emotion caught within the house walls and atmosphere is to be considered, but what if the spirit was “intelligent and interactive”?

Could a spirit choose to appear to us, and interact with us, appearing as different stages of its earthbound life time, from childhood to adulthood?

This opens the possibility of many scenarios, one being that numerous ghosts seen in one location may, in fact, actually be the same spirit at different stages throughout its lifetime, choosing it’s appearance, for its own reasoning.

Could we know whom the spirit is (was) in its lifetime?

We could by studying photos from different points in the persons lifetime and compare to the brief seconds of time we get to see, or hear the spirit.

This then opens the question– “Is this actually the person we think it is from our documentation and history search on the property/ haunting, or someone, or something, mimicking the person in question?”

I am opening this one up to debate, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with such things…

Until we know what ghosts are, where they come from, why we see them, we may never know what they truly are… until we cross to the other-side ourselves!

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